adventures into august PART I

we return!  it has truly been busy as all hell.  the Schmidt-Stone birthdays came to an end and we immediately began getting prepared for Renee's surprise picnic bridal shower in the park.

kevin put this fantastic table together using some leftover wood and two pallets
SERIOUSLY what would i do without this guy?

our last post happened an hour before we had to leave for pre-wedding day preparations and Renee & Matt's.  having no catering company, a few friends and close family all did their part to get food done for the big day.  it was hot and busy with all the cooking and busy bodies, but it felt great to be a part of the wedding prep for such a deserving couple.  will dedicate some of my favourite wedding day photos in a separate post, but here is a shot of the newlyweds with the kidlets!

with all the crazy rush, we only half realized it was our anniversary the following day: 

happy 15 years!

with a free day on our hands, he decided to take it slow and just enjoy one another's company.  it turned out to be a truly perfect day, starting off with fun photos in bed!

followed by those bloody delicious gluten-free banana chocolate pancakes

spent the day driving in the Falcon

my guy

said hello to the goats and picked up our week of produce from Westham

headed out to Deifenbaker for the first MOVIE NIGHT
i love how these movie nights are everywhere.  prior to the movie which does not start until their bedtime, there are vendors offering freebies, crafts, face painting, food, and games.

despite how brave and fearless chloe is at home and at the park, she was clearly terrified of this slide

can you guess what the movie of the night was?
kevin's sister Jen does one of these for every movie night
yes, she is amazing, wait til you see the float car she designed for tomorrow's Sun Fest parade!

krazy kats

seriously, i can't wait til they are old enough to do this, the enormous hillside perfectly resembles movie theatre seating!  

the following day we headed out to Playland

my child raver

the mini donuts

for caela...

lol andddd passed out

to be continued....


  1. omg moses is such a big boy now...i remember exactly last year he was terrified on those car rides...awww you guys are the best :)


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