adventures into august PART II

peekaboo cutie pie!

met up with Mel and baby Mireya for long awaited playdate.  it is funny how people reunite in unexpected and yet very unsurprising circumstances.  Mel and Kev were high school classmates, Mel ended up married to the brother of my friend Aina with whom I attended both elementary and high school.  children have brought all of us together in this new phase of life.

we met in Steveston on a hot sunny day, perfect for the park.  the kids ended up getting wet at the waterpark, but dried off rather quickly in the heat.  we strolled over to Rocanini, a little cafe conveniently located kitty corner to the park at the entrance of Steveston village.  with little time to peruse the revitalized area, i was happy to finally visit the cafe.


almond croissant

seriuosly, such a little button!!!

this weekend was as busy as the last few.  saturday began with our annual family reunion at South Arm with my mom's side of the family aka my Lola (grandma) and her brothers and sisters, their children, and their children's children, and children's children!  well i guess there are only a couple of the latter at the moment...  my Lola originally was part of 12, with a few having passed away.  i didn't take a lot  of photos, i was in a very weird space, but i am not, of course, regretting it.

chloe maowing down on some Filipino desserts!

just the cousins-second cousins (and a few of my "grandparents")

we left early for chloe's nap and to pick up our Westham Island basket of goodies.  it was a huge relief arriving to a cool home after baking in some pretty stifling heat.  once chloe was up, we headed over to my inlaws Jen and Ian for a belated birthday bbq for Shannan.

the mini pianists

Andie's amazing porcelain skin!

buzz buzz buzz!


good times with grandad


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