at the Minami Bar

we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary at Minami.  with all the crazy hustling going on in this house, we did not make any special plans beyond dropping off the kids at my mom's and having dinner somewhere in Vancity.  i wanted to go back to Minami but thought it might be lame since we just went last month, but there was nothing else that i really wanted to eat.

woke up at 8:15am, jumped into some clothes and drove out to Cloverdale to pick up my decorations.  they ended up using the room on Friday after all...  came back, ate leftover breakfast, stayed home with kids while kevin went off to pick up our Westham groceries and fix someone's car at his parents'.  he came back at 3pm and i drove off to do face painting at a party here in Tsawwassen until 5:30pm.  came back late after 6pm to find the house a mess, the kids half dressed, and kevin in the same clothes.  i was supposed to be back at 5:45pm so you can imagine how angry i was to come home late and find NOTHING ready.  ARGH!

on top of that, i told kevin what i was going to wear and since that information did not make his "priority" list, we both ended up wearing pink shirts.  GREAT.

thankfully, the kids were stoked to go to my mom's.  FINALLY!!!!  he is finally over the freak out phase of staying at her place!

we sat at the bar this time where we were able to watch the chefs do their crazy magic.  damn, these photos looked so much better when i was drunk and gorging myself.

Shiso Mojito
shochu, fresh lime, shiso leaf

Aburi Carpaccio
organic 64° egg, asian pear, market greens, lotus root chips, jalapeño-garlic ponzu

Shiso Mojito Watermelon and Citrus Cured Scallops
mojito infused watermelon, montchevre goat cheese, micro greens, pickled celery, cucumber

The Katana
shochu, sweet vermouth, yuzu, raspberry purée, egg white, shiso

Ebi Fritters
white shrimp, spiced couscous, sweet chili aioli, soy balsamic

Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi
pressed local salmon, jalapeño, miku sauce

Premium Aburi
a selection of Aburi sushi (7 pieces)

Green Tea Opera
Green tea sponge infused with espresso and Frangelico liqueur, green tea butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, azuki bean cream, green tea ice cream, green tea sauce

holy crap
this essentially was an upscale coffee crisp cake with layers of soft and wafer crunchiness

love love love my crazy dalmation pants!

hooray!  such a perfect night!  amazing food and drinks, the kids were happy, my mom was happy to have them finally stay over again, hooray hooray hooray!


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