Feast Fridays

hooray!  got my rag!  not pregnant!
both kids woke up in the middle of the night screaming and crying to be in our room, but i had had it.  exhausted and crampy, i shooed them out the door, still screaming and crying.  kevin eventually went in, gave them hugs and water and they calmed down enough to go back to sleep.  they showed up again and ended up passing out on our floor.  yes, also, please admire the current shit-camp state of our bedroom.

whose undies are whose???

after a quick cereal breakfast, we headed out to the library.  grabbed all the goodies for the night's feast over at Taryn's, including a trip to Westham to grab peaches for our crumble!  

i've been meaning to take a photo of the neat mailboxes they have on the corner!

we finally arrived to our friends standing on the 3rd floor balcony waving hello

liz's rad hair feathers

queen mom

liz with the 6 kids
liz purchased this tent and decorated it all morning/afternoon
a surprise for her hubby!

the kids helped shuck some English Peas and quickly devoured them

nice bunting job!

kale house

(chloe's nickname for Armenie)

chloe biting into the pool noodle


the crumble crumble
almond flour/ground almonds, pecans, coconut oil/butter

the crumble fruit

sharing a root beer 

pantyhead hanna

the boys playing house in tutus

little miss H

listening to old No Doubt and scoping out Gwen's LAMB line

the kids ploughing through 1 of 4 batches of fries!

the boys arrive with the booze
ginger beer for the mamas!

love these chairs

we head upstairs to surprise Luke with the cozy tent



angel face Armo

true beauts

playing trains in tutus

fries batch 4 of 4
seriously!  there were 4 trays of fries!

Arlo ascends

and the feasting begins!

mini sliders!
homemade patties stuffed with fresh herbs with cheese, curry ketchup, and avo
great recipe for the buns, they turned out so well

it was kevin's first burger and beer in years!
well ok, not beer, but alcoholic (gluten-free) cider
YES, regular beer has gluten!

and TWO desserts

homemade berry ice cream courtesy of taryn 
with fresh picked blackberries from kevin
peach crumble with Amaretto whipping cream

awesome friends, well-behaved children, delicious dinner and amazing dessert, cold drinks, and communal joints,  i could not have asked for a more perfect day!

this is the life.


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