HOMEMADE NUTELLA: for the cute guy that comes through my till and won't tell me his name

ok, this is also for all the moms that have not yet seen one of my tried and true favourite things to make!  my girlfriend sent me the recipe originally from Jason Mraz or whoever that guy is, he calls it a chocomole but i refer to it as a healthy homemade version of Nutella because it's that friggin delicious!

so the ingredients for Nutella are as follows:
palm oil
skim milk
reduced minerals whey (milk)
soy lecithin
vanillin (artificial flavour)

Ingredients for homemade chocolate spread:
Pitted Dates
Cocoa Powder
Agave Syrup

Spread for 6 pieces of toast
1 avocado
Pitted Dates, one handful finely chopped
2-3 tbsp cocoa powder
1-2 squirts of agave syrup 
(for cocoa powder and agave, add a little at a time to your taste)


you can eat it immediately, but i prefer to let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes which seems to help break down the pitted dates into a softer texture and infuses the flavours together.  make it before you go to bed and stick in in the fridge, ready to spread for the next morning!  this will last a about a week but you'll probably eat it all in a day anyway...

i would suggest buying a bag of cocoa powder to keep in your pantry along with the agave so that whenever you are in the mood to make some, all you need to do is grab an avocado and a scoop of pitted dates from the bulk section!  

TIP: bananas help avocados to ripen, so keep them close together if your avocados are rock hard!

make a big batch, stick it in a jar, and eat it with a spoon just like Nutella!



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