little pick me ups

the beginning of this week was rough
made it through with a little help from my friends

kevin came home to a disgusting house and fed us some yummy tofu

we headed out to the beach with Michelle & Ethan

i woke up the next day in the same sort of sluggish way with half a headache
the roast we had put in the slow cooker didn't turn out so we headed out to
one of our favourite comfort food restaurants: Red Tuna

who is this child?

waiting for our yummy food
Chopsticks: distracting children at restaurants since the beginning of time!

Thomas Roll as a staple

Mr Bean combo for the kids

Can't Remember, Kevin chose this one
it was better than i had expected only because mango is always warmer than i like it with sushi and i like my mango to be crisp and cool

the kids went to town.  chloe was still asking for more when the bill arrived.
i love coming here.  it has become a special place for us, we first tried it when i was pregnant with moses and loved it so much we continued to come after he was born, after we moved to Tsawwassen, and on through my pregnancy with Chloe until now.  it has grown with all of us.  they are both able to recognize where we are and get super excited about the meal to come.  they ended up trying and enjoying our rolls which was such a pleasure to watch as you could tell they were loving the new flavours.  eating is so heavenly!


after our super yum dinner, we drove out further into Vancouver to drop off some clothes for Taryn and visit with the newlyweds, Renee and Matt.  we had lent them our mixer for their wedding and we have been unable to find a day for pick up.  it was great to see them.  they love the kids and the kids love them right back.  

two beautiful prints 
wedding gifts from Tanis

this worked GREAT at getting the kids' attention!

living room acrobatics with chloe

this is what i look like when i am completely burnt out


moses passed out in his backwards underwear


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