Mom on the Run

no, i'm not running away, just running in circles, chasing my tail like the dog i wish i had.  kevin said if we won the lottery neither of us play, that i could not have another child and a dog.  i told him if we win the lottery neither of us play that i am going to have another child and a dog.

Dear Parents-to-Be
this will be your life
yes this is how children sleep until about age 2.5-3
anyway.  i don't know what i'm doing up at 1230am right now.  i'm super exhausted.  another crazy week that i put on myself.  i just don't know how to say NO.  i guess that's why i had two unplanned children?  HA! now you know!

this week?  this weekend?  last weekend?  where did we leave off?  THE ZOMBIE WALK.  wow, how is it already thursday!  UGH.  saturday we missed the Heart of Ladner Night Market.  i got all dressed up and wore lipstick and we went down the wrong road where nothing was happening.  so instead, kevin took a drive out to White Rock and we argued about house chores while the kids fell asleep in the backseat.

Chloe double fisting tomatoes that were supposed to go on our pizza
Sunday i went to work while kevin took the kids to the Annual Ladner Car Show and Shine.  i came home.  kevin made two gluten-free desserts, shaved, and sprayed on some cologne in preparation for a family picnic on his dad's side of the family out in Burnaby.  the house smelled like baked fruit, chocolate and coconut and sexy man spray.  it was strange.

train tracks at entrance of Barnet Beach Park, Burnaby

this place is beautiful
well worth the drive out

lady O'Brien and her daughters

gluten free!
left: peach and blackberry crumble with pistachios
right: quinoa brownie with cherries

me and baby Mack!

chloe watched The Little Mermaid this week.  i put it on for her since she seems to have developed a thing for mermaids, which she obviously got from yours truly.  hands down, my favourite Disney movie and i just found out Disneyland has a Little Mermaid section now, YES!  anyway.  this photo makes me think of the little mermaid.

Gracie is a goof


kids got along great!

and moses was so lucky to see the train go by on our way out!

monday aka my free day this week was spent with another one of my mom-friends-whom-i'd-like-to-get-to-know-better, Dani.  totally in need of a chill day, we had a great playdate, picking blackberries at Beach Grove Park and hanging out in her cozy little home.  

Dani runs DEME Pre and Post-Natal services and is, herself, a certified doula.  their services are available in the Lower Mainland for all new parents or parents to be that are in need of support during the tough transition into parenthood.  if you are even considering getting a doula, i would highly suggest looking into it and contacting the ladies here at Deme.  

having a doula with Moses was a positive experience and a definite help for first time parents that have no idea what is about to happen.  a doula offers experience, moral support, and physical support during those (potential) 37 hour labours! a doula is just as much support for the father as the mother, because as we all know HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!  keep that new momma in good spirits and everyone will be happy.  your doula will not only help you both throughout your pregnancy and labour, but will continue to offer support during those first few months when many of us moms hit a wall of post-partum.  

cross my heart, you will not regret having one!

to the park!

the boys
Micah and Moses

the girls
Amelia and Chloe

Micah chomping on a carrot from their little garden

sigh.  if we win the lottery, i will be buying a house in Beach Grove.  i love all the little rancher houses.  i'd hire an architect and have our home modernized.  there would be a garage for kevin and a studio for myself....  so much on the go and so much on my mind; so many many ideas that i am dying to bring to life and never enough time.  


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