NOMS: Blackberry Frozen Yogurt, Mehndi Spice Cookies & Beet Sunomono

made blackberry frozen yogurt from the fresh berries we picked on our playdate with Dani, using the same recipe as used for the Cherry Frozen Yogurt.  Berries, greek yogurt, honey, lemon zest, & almond extract.  Blend til smooth, freeze for 45 minutes and stir, continuing to stir every 30 minutes for 2 hours.  so make sure you plan ahead when you want to be eating this!

these are the Mehndi Inspired Spice Cookies cooling before painting!

they actually taste so good we are going to make a batch of gluten free cookies
these would be so dope to make for other occasions!
so many possibilities!

this week's package from Westham was larger than most.  it was actually rather overwhelming and made it difficult to put together something healthy and enjoyable.  after many nights out for Japanese, i would always comment on how we needed to start making our own sunomonos since all four of us love eating them.  i decided to do a sort of fusion sunomono inspired by the raw julienned veggies at the Naam restaurant.  beets, carrots, and field cucumber all straight from the farm!  i let it marinate with vinegar, salt, sugar and a little lemon.  i did the same with the vermicelli.    while those were marinating, i put together a peanut sauce from Epicurious that turned out pretty darn good.  would definitely taste more authentic if i used real peanut butter rather than the soy one we use for chloe, but it still was very edible.  sprinkled with sesame seeds and HOORAY a refreshing little summer salad!


  1. The cookies are beautiful! How did you paint the design on them?

  2. Hi Hajra!

    I used food colouring and a paint brush. I mixed blue, green, red together to try to get a dark colour since i had no black and it worked very well. I would definitely suggest testing it out on a scrap piece of cookie first!



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