Noms for Moms - Loving La Vita Local!

how can anyone pass up these beauties!
god i love the summer and being surrounded by local farms
these colours are brilliant!

Carrot Fries
(with a curry mayo!)

Chicken Korma

Inspired by French Kids Eat Everything and having our first harvest of beets and zucchini from Westham, I followed the beet puree recipe from the book.  it turned out rather strong on its own and the mozza and crackers i tried to balance the flavours with did not work very well.  having leftovers, i grabbed some goat cheese and these little bowls cleaned up a lot faster!

again, local sour cherries from Westham gave us this heavenly gluten-free cherry pie!

Zucchini Spaghetti Yellow Version

finding it such a relief to fall on some vegetarian dishes, hoping to increase these veg meals

really loving our baskets, although finding it difficult to pre-plan meals in order to use up all the produce before it goes to waste.

my Popo's Golden Noodles
delicious comfort food for the soul

this was a bad day.  not very well stocked day, the ground bison was cooked too long and ended up dry and the endives were too bitter.  we switched to green leaf lettuce which helped in terms of flavour and dryness.  the fries and curry ketchup were bomb.  i made about 2 jars worth which is supposed to last about 3 months.

a kevin creation

pulled pork shoulder (onion and an apple), polenta cakes, pickled veggie slaw....

and CORN!!!


alright, that's it for this week (or so) of noms.  hope you found something to inspire you!
there's a gluten free carrot cake cooling off and waiting to be frosted with LIME MARSCAPONE!


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