Noms: CARROT CAKE with Lime Marscapone Icing

by Jamie Oliver

baking is an entirely different world from cooking.  baking is precise measurements.  ok, REALLY great cooking is also precise, but for a novice like myself, there is more fudge room for cooking than is allowed with baking.  this little piece of heaven is my first real baking baby.

yes, the photo above is actually my photo and how very very proud i am of myself.  i have been wanting to make a carrot cake since Renee's Bridal Shower Picnic.  with enough on my plate at the time, i am thankful that i did not venture down this alley because this has been a total ballsack adventure.

here are the photos prior to removing the burnt edges and applying the icing...
there needs to be another word for this icing, because it is more than icing, it is truly a feast for gods

it was a long day yesterday.  a lot of shouting due to a short fuse.  i have a feeling i am going to get my rag soon.  i assume this is the cause of my few days of absolute crazy-bitch-mom-from-hell every month or so.  kevin had been so helpful during saturday and sunday, i gave him the holiday monday to dedicate to working on the Falcon.  i took the kids up the street to watch the SunFest Parade and hurried home, exhausted from the heat.

so after a long day with the kidlets, i cobbled together a sad version of creamy polenta with mushroom ragout, though the beet salad afterwards did redeemed me a little

the mushroom ragout was simple and tasty, although i don't know if it was really a ragout without the tomatoes that i did not have on hand.  the polenta's texture was horrible.  for whatever reason, i decided to throw it in the blender with stock which was a horrible idea.  it basically congealed into a thick goop!  it had lost the loose flowing texture and grittiness.  whatever, the kids enjoyed it.  they were a little stand-offish with the mushrooms as i do not cook them as much as i should.

enormous lettuce freshly pulled from Michelle & Jason's plot at the Earthwise Garden here in Tsawwassen!

SO, getting back to the carrot cake!  after a long day and a half-dog's dinner dinner, i decided to walk up town to buy ingredients for Jamie Oliver's take on carrot cake.  his recipes have been consistently impressive, so my trust is strong with him.  of course, once all my things had been scanned, i realized my wallet had nothing with which i could use to pay!  OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN.  luckily, kevin had arrived home and scooped us up with some money. 

i took my time.  i did not rush. i made sure to double check everything, and since i decided to make it gluten free, that made it a little more complicated.  the cake went in, cooked for 50, cooled for 10, and was flipped to rest on a rack for an hour.  i think it was two hours by the time i went to check on it to find the bottom had popped a hole and UNCOOKED GOO was pouring out!!!!!!!

so at 1:00AM, the cake goes back into the oven.  i am tenting it with tinfoil, hoping not to burn it too badly which of course does not happen.  i sat at the counter until 3am.  i was not giving up!  i played Angry Birds for 2 hours.

SO BE AWARE.  other people have commented that this recipe does take way longer to cook than the 50 minutes.  i would strongly suggest being adamant about checking whether the centre is fully cooked, the 5 second skewer test was not dependable, you actually might want to cut into the cake to check!

i was so pissed off all morning, scraping and half picking at the cake, feeling pretty crappy.  it wasn't until i was prepping more beet salad for communal lunch with Cait &Ty that i decided to actually cut a slice to try.  SO GOOD.  beyond the brick wall of burnination, was moist, spicy, zesty, nutty carrot cake.  THANK YOU GOD!  STAYING UP TIL 3AM WAS WORTH IT!

for communal lunch, Cait made two pizzas from scratch!  A ham and cheese for the kids and this crazy mother fucker jam packed with veg.  Killer, as she would say.  she made the crust super thin:  Perfect!  spinach, onions, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms...  SO GOOD.

Cait is amazing.  i'm so lucky to have such a kind and capable cook next door who will happily help turn my ghetto salad dressing into something exciting and savoury and my white-barf looking chunky wet marscapone into a thick creamy to-die-for icing.  i am glad i feel comfortable enough to offer her my broken pieces and watch her work her magic.  i'm sure she gets a good laugh out of it, anyway!

so.  that's the end.  the effort that it took to make this cake was beyond anything i had expected and yet, i'm probably going to have my 3rd piece today after i finish this post.  yup, 12:44am... perfect timing.  worth every shitty minute, i'm totally going to make this again. 

the cake as you can tell is pretty dense looking, mostly from the gluten-free ingredients, but it is as moist and soft as can be.  the recipe calls for the zest and juice of an entire orange, and the flavour that comes from that orange is going to blow your mind!  the lime-marscapone is insane.  thick, creamy, and so much ZING.  zest and juice from TWO limes makes the icing seem light and fresh despite being made up of marscapone cheese, cream cheese, and icing sugar!  both cake and icing are bursting with flavours, i wish i could email you all a piece!!!


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