the zombie walk

zombie walk was certainly a favourite pastime in life before children.  i could not tell you how elated i was when we found out our wedding day would be on the same day as the zombie walk.

why does 5 years ago look so incredibly foreign?

anyway.  today is the annual Vancouver Zombie walk (yes there are zombie walks in a multitude of other cities, so find one near you or START ONE!) and man would it have been the PERFECT day to do it with the kids.  that's all i could think about the past couple of days, but i kept telling myself it would be TOO hot with the weather we've been having.  of course, it's overcast and cool and ideal for taking photos.  sigh.  not to mention kevin is off working on the car.

so if we could not make it this year, at least i could celebrate by doing moses up!

definitely helped to have some Cherry Grunt leftovers for him to eat and smear all over his mouth.  this was so much fun.  momo was being a hilariously good sport at making faces for me.



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