we went here tonight

i was very excited the other day when i received a text from a mom i am less-familiar-with-but-would-love-to-change-that, inviting us to join her friends and family at her parents farm out in Ladner for a BBQ.  sounded very promising, and so i spent all afternoon prepping the food to bring.

chicken croissant sandwiches
herb mayo (basil, cilantro, mint, lime juice) 
pickled yellow carrots, cucumber, and radishes

Recipe from (my gorgeous friend) Stephanie's chef husband

super summery
super tasty

hello BelAir, it must be summer!

moses was a little apprehensive about coming, but we were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by good friends that we already knew, though had no idea would be attending!

"What is that?!... Is it, could it be???.... "



"are ya ready for this?"

good times in nudeville!

Eve & Coco
the girls of Delta Shore
Coming 2027

Hey girls, where you going?
Omg coco, why is he always following us....
Ask him if he'll get us smokes!

Heyyy, Miles, here's $20... get us some smokes!

and a heated pool, OF COURSE, because everyone's backyard is just this fucking awesome

Delta Shore Episode One
Coco tries to sneak the car after getting 8 tickets (looks like she tried to scratch them off)
1 ticket for using duct tape to fix the car

Delta Shore Episode Two
Miles and Moses find the keys to Mr Crowle's electric lawnmower

it's getting kind of cold, this sweater should help
now where did i leave my pants?

and beyond the pool, plum trees and peacocks
(i didn't know there were peacocks until kevin told me on the drive home!!!)

this is the life: picking off a fat juicy plum from your enormous backyard

clothespin line

this was a LOT of fun.  it was such a pleasant surprise to be invited to something on the basis that someone wanted to know you.  it's not always easy making parental friends, it's an entirely different batch of nuts and raisins.  it was another surprise to find out they are friends with others i've been wanting to get to know.  it was a gorgeous place with an abundance of good food and great people.  everyone was so nice and easy going, we all had such a wonderful time.

thank you Emily and Mike for a perfect evening!


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