Weenies on the Run!

Ty and Cait joined us for weekend pancakes

candied pecans
lemon zest whip cream
cinnamon & honey yogurt
maple syrup

i can hear your uterus through these photos!

Posh Spice

the annual WEINER DOG walk


miss chloe ready to head to her grandparents'

fluke photos


DIY TUTU-torial!

jen made this DIY tutu for Andie
seriuosly, mamas, this is the smartest, easiest, and cheapest idea for a tutu
that will ACTUALLY look really really good!

grab some fabric from the clearance bin, or a bright curtain or blanket from the thrift shop.  cut two strips the same length to tie around your child's waist, with extra length for a nice bow.  cut a bunch of wider strips and loop-tie them around the waist strips!  in no time you will have a bright poofy tutu for your little boy or girl!  try an ombre style or a multi-colour version.

races on the front deck

well.  what can i say, other than THANK YOU to all the awesome people that made this weekend quite the unforgettable weekend.  what a blessing and a pleasure to have so many of you who enrich our lives with your love, kindness, and generosity.  



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