Where is that fat lady and why isn't she singing yet?

ok, the last few times i have talked about being tired, i wasn't really tired because i am really really tired right now.  i just keep battling with the thought that if i don't get this out now, it's just going to pile up and i am going to die underneath, Wicked Witch of the West style with my poor little stylish legs sticking out.  ps somebody needs to design clothing collecting inspired by the wicked witch of the west.

how's about i shut up and dive in...

i love momo's buildings

i'd totally live here

they also love wearing the tutus as headpieces

so stoked that he has taken his own interest into french (reading his french book) just before he starts school in the next two weeks.  i do not think he realizes that he is going to French school.  i think he is going to be ok.  it is myself whom i am worried about in terms of having to speak!

moses received a letter!

From Neighbour Ty!

moses was cordially invited to partake in

we followed the rules
kevin went out to pick stickers
got together with moses and asked him to name six friends

peaced out

big vs little

i helped decorate the Club House for a friend of a friend who was just married saturday.  i drove out to Cloverdale tuesday to decorate the majority with time wednesday to finish up before the first night began at 5:30pm for the Mendhi application.  my first Indian celebration!  the one thing about being surrounded by East Indian women is that you head to the washroom for your first pee of the evening, look in the mirror and realize how far you pale in comparison to their gorgeous faces.  they are beautiful.  everyone had a great time, the music was lively, the guests were all so friendly and in great spirits, and yes kevin and i both left with a serious food coma halo around our heads.

sweet and spicy desserts, pakoras with a sweet sauce and what i will describe as an indian minted salsa, curried veggies, butter chicken, saag, lamb,  naan, basmati, and some cooling raita for those who need tongue relief from the spicier dishes.  it was awful, i had no shame. yes i was sharing my plate with the two kids but yes i still had 3 platefuls of food!  the kids ate although moses was less into the spice than chloe and they both were losing their minds over the desserts, stuffing rich doughy balls or white diamonds with silver flakes of sugary goodness down their throats.  i was not any better.  and cups of hot sweet chai.  oh god i'm salivating all over again.

part of the decorating included these Mehndi inspired spice cookies i found on blog.freepeople.com via Pinterest that are traced from your hand and painted with food colouring once they are baked!  such an awesome idea!  clearly i have no idea of what all the different images are and their meanings but i did my best to quickly mimic a variety of designs i found on the interweb.

it was mesmerizing to watch how fast the pair of Mehndi girls worked their craft.  they sit and you can see their brains connected directly to their hand that is moving just fast as when i am sneaking my teeth into yet another dessert.  whizzing around with perfect precision, no tracing, just hours of experience spent creating the same learned images over and over again.    


who is this child?
there is no way she came out of my vagina

i was able to catch a small break early Friday before heading to work.  my mom came over to hang out with the kids while i went to get my hair did at Jade's and pick up the decorations out in Cloverdale.  she did such a sweet job on my hair!!!  when she was flattening it, i was getting all worried thinking it was going to look funny on me since i have only ever flattened my hair WITH bangs.  i wish i could offer you to feel the hair in this photo because it is so soft, so loose, and so smooth.  thank you Jade for another visit of super girl-mom chats and making me feel beautiful.  you are truly the best!

also, thank you for having this little munchkin!
can't wait to meet your number two!

this happened two days in a row
this was from the first day after we had already cleaned up the first two thirds of Cheerios
the next day it was smaller but with Rice Krispies

alright, that's all folks for now...
up next are noms and our fab anniversary dinner!


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