at the dentist

we went to the dentist earlier this week.  it's old news for moses.  after playing around with the toys and crayons and drinking water from the self dispenser, he climbed into the chair, put on his earphones and totally drowned me out as he was lowered into perfect view for watching Treehouse on the ceiling tv.

chloe was the total opposite.  her first visit was totally fine, though she was quite a lot younger at the time.  i don't think she's had a check up since january so it was quite a while ago.  she was quite nervous when she saw the huge chair.  it took her a while to get on it.  and once she was on it, there was a lot of placating to keep her feeling ok.  of course, once we got the chair reclining she panicked again.  we struggled to get her teeth brushed.  i ended up having to lie on the chair with her on my lap and her arms hoarding a toothbrush, a ring, a paddleboard, and a latex hand balloon with a happy face drawn on it... and chloe still cried big fat tears.

eventually, Dr Wong came in and was able to get a few quick peeks so any further prodding was not necessary.  and this is what i love about this Dentist office.  every single one of the ladies is so kind and patient.  there is never a worry that they are losing their temper with little ones.  they are never anything short of friendly and sweet and understanding.

kevin already swiped the photos from their last visit in january and took them to work to put on his work station.  these are the new Hall of Fame photos that we will get to take home on their next visit!  chloe looks stunned, still recuperating, but moses photo just cracks me up.  he could not look MORE like a perfect mix of kevin and i, it's so crazy!  my features with kevin's face and head shape.  and, yes, that is little Soleil there on the left!


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