i don't even know where to begin with my little Chlo-Chlo Bear.  after the Moses update, i know many of you are wondering where the Chloe updates are.  it's probably going to take me a couple of days to gather all the random scraps and loose leaf pages that are scattered and hidden around this pigsty...

ok.  next night, here.  it was the first day of fall today hence my appropriate blog Title.  today was a big day and actually makes for the perfect opening for this Chloe updates.  chloe's twin mattress arrived this morning.  we propped it up in the living room and went over to my inlaws for breakfast: gluten-free pancakes!  i wish i had taken photos, but i think they would have been super weirded out by my asian ocd food photos...  they were large and thin as opposed to our usual small and chubby, but they tasted great!  we had them with maple syrup, bananas and blueberries.

we stayed a few hours while kevin waited for car parts from a guy hailing from the Sunshine Coast.  kev's been working on the Falcon every weekend, hoping to get it ready for the rainy season.

we returned home for lunch: carrot soup topped with cottage cheese and julienned beets.  moses requested i make it again WITHOUT the beets.  chloe ate half and used the other half as lotion all over her face and chest.

then it was nap time.  chloe has resorted to the floor beside her crib.  it's been this way for at least a month now.  with no use for the crib bed, it was time to get her a mattress for the bottom bunk.

so we took the crib down today.  no more crib.  after 3 years (is that all???), i am no longer a mother of a little ones in cribs.  no more baby babies.  i cried.

a few last photos of chloe in her floor bed
(with some fleece in her mouth, as usual)

last photos of the room with the crib

children confused as to why their mother is crying
they were both so sweet giving me big hugs and kisses

one last photo in the crib with my babies

chloe helping daddy to vacuum 

can you hear my heart exploding?

this girl is a beast

i ended up joining her for her first nap in her new big girl bed.  i love falling asleep beside them.  i love burying my face into their neck or back, their smell is more effective than any scented candle or aromatherapy in terms of helping to relax my brain and fall asleep.  i fall asleep so much faster on nights where they come into our bed early, just before or just after i've gotten into bed.

following our nap, we headed back to my inlaws for saturday night dinner.  the light was so beautiful this evening, i tried to get a few photos of chloe with the light, but had a hard time capturing the gold of the early sunset.  oh well.  hopefully there will be a few more evenings like this...

i am always so captivated by the mix of features and colours in these two munchkins

love the colours in her hair

i don't know why they park this car at the front door.  every time we arrive, chloe bolts for it and won't get off for 5-10 minutes.  i am having real fears about chloe and cars.  she loves them too much.  almost as much as she loves motorcycles...

i know this was supposed to be an update, but it's a little more of an intro to an update.  i still have yet to scrounge up all my notes to help me organize my thoughts and keep track of all the new progress since the last update.  all i can say is that the last two weeks have been pretty intense in terms of growth, understanding, and speech!


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