Double Feasting

the faster time passes the faster my brain approaches complete impairment, particularly my memory.  so i fall asleep at 130-230am on a daily basis.  but i don't wake up until 9-930am.  isn't that the number of hours most parents get anyway at this stage?  that's 8 hours isn't it?  why then do i wake up feeling like it's 5am?  my children feel their way through the dark living room and into our bedroom every night.  i am completely dead to the world, i have no idea when they come in.  all i know is, they are there in the morning, all four of us in a queen bed.  this can not go on before we no longer fit.

 chloe has finally reached the stage of "not sleeping" that i remember moses going through at a similar age.  he went to bed 10-1030pm and would wake up an hour later, unable to fall asleep.  he might have woken up once more, but definitely would be awake again by 7-730am.  

chloe, similarly is going to bed about that same time and waking up an hour later, wide awake.  and since she is the second child, i am less adament about her going to sleep RIGHT NOW.  mostly because i am too effing tired at 1130pm to be arguing with a 20-or-so month toddler.  so she usually sits on the couch with us (sucking on her Pooh blanket) and watches PVR So You Think You Can Dance.  

digress.  i don't know what is going on with my body.  is it because i will be turning 30 next year?  so often i can not decide if i am not doing enough to warrant feeling this way or if i am doing more than i think i am.  am i not doing enough?  am i doing too much?  why do i feel like i've been careened by a huge roaring train every morning?  today in particular was the first day in months that my back was actually in bad shape.  i don't know how.  it did make me feel grateful that i haven't felt my back in that state for the passed how-many-months of this schedule i'm on.

i am taking 3 weeks off at work after the 15th.  i need to get more of ME in gear.  i need to get myself prepped for this Winter's Craft Fairs.  i have been skipping out on them producing less than normal, and there are so many ideas i have been collecting that need to get out there.  we'll see what happens...

it's been a fabulous end to a week of anxiety and stress.  we've enjoyed two communal dinners featuring Neighbour Cait's delish cooking.  wednesday night, we hosted for Ainge & Aija chez moi.  it's been a while since we've seen Ainge and Aija was dropping by for a few days before heading to Toronto for 6 months.  they said they would be late but happened to arrive just in time, and with a truly fantastic bottle of Italian wine!  cait's momma happened to have nothing in her evening calendar and joined us for a feast.


Roasted Beet & Cucumber Salad with Yogurt & Lemon Dressing
Bean Sprout Salad with Mango & Cilantro
Local Salmon caught by Neighbour Rob
Sweet Crunchy Roasted Carrots
Rice with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Buttery Baguette

Cait is a champ.  all i did was rice and dessert.

Roasted Cherries & Peaches Layered on top of Chocolate Mousse


had a crummy wednesday leading up to the dinner.  so bogged down, no energy.  thursday was not much better.  still woke up feeling completely exhausted.  luckily, cait was in a similar mood and invited us to join them on the quiet side of Centennial Beach down in Boundary Bay.  i've never been, and it was exactly what i needed that day.  a couple quiet hours at the beach where i could just relax, soak up some Vitamin D and not have to chase the kids or drag them screaming down the long boardwalk back to the car.

one day i will have a house on the beach

200 feet away from the US Border into Point Roberts

very surprised to find the kids really liking this super spicy Jamaican Ginger Beer.  it is super refreshing but you really get the hot spice in your throat.  they must just REALLY love the novelty of drinking from glass bottles to be able to handle that burn!

toast and jam for afternoon gouter
we had the pleasure of having miss KLF join us for the day.  she came for lunch and chilled out, enjoying some much needed downtime.  we had strawberry-cuke sammies for lunch, put chloe down, shared a doob and watched Alice in Wonderland with Moses.

messaging back and forth with cait, we decided to have another communal dinner!  KLF stayed and Jade & Soleil ended up joining us as well!  soleil was so sad moses had not accompanied me when doing their photoshoot, Jade texted she had free time this evening and mentioned Soleil has been talking about playing with Momo.  SO CUTE.  

snacked on fresh guac by cait
UGH this camera is still a challenge.  it's great in some situations, but drives me crazy in others where the most insignificant part of a photo gets that little area of clarity.  oh well, gotta keep practicing...

Ty and Firefighter Rob


pesto shrimp right off the BBQ!
these were insanely good!  so much flavour!  

Feast Friday

Tossed Salad with Cukes, Tomates, and Cashews
Beet & Cuke Salad with Yogurt Lemon Dressing
Squashed Garlic Fingerling Potatoes
BBQ Pork Tenderloin with Strawberry Mango Salsa
Tray Baked Chicken
Crusty Baguette

thank you to whomever took a photo of me to prove i exist

drool drool


Cait & Kate

hahaha don't know what this kid is doing behind poor unsuspecting Soleil

such a great dinner!!!!  such a perfect start to the Long Weekend!

oh dear...

blackberry frozen yogurt for dessert

life is so good when you have such great people to share it with.  these are the nights i hope i will always remember as life gets busier.  these are the moments to hang on to.  we need to slow down and savour these days, they are profound in their pedestrian simplicity.  i am hoping these spontaneous communal dinners continue to be a part of our lives as the kids get older.  these memories are not just for us parents to cherish but help to build a sense of importance of family, friends, and food in the minds of our kids.  i have a feeling their generation will run on an even more ridiculously fast-paced schedule than our own.  sometimes progress progresses too fast...  slow down and enjoy the scenery!


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