extended weekend part 1: USA, birthday party and Steveston


kevin took friday off so we had an extended weekend.  
we started off with a trip to Bellingham to do some "errands". 

there is a lot of bad public art out there
i have to say this one is one of my favourites

we bought tires at Sears and while we waited for them to get done, did some clothing shopping.  kevin got a few more long sleeve shirts for work for the winter and chloe got a few shirts and a double set of Hello Kitty jammies.  everything was 40-60% off, i did pretty good not going crazy!  

by the time we left it was about 2pm and we were all starving.  we headed over to Trader Joe's to get some groceries and some lunch.  it was my first time shopping there and i was stunned at how much cheaper everything was.  so many things were half the price of what they cost here, and so many of them were organic to boot!  definitely worth the trip out on a non-busy day!  

we returned just after 4pm and went out to Steveston to hang out with Renée and Matt, where Matt was getting a couple of tattoos done at the Steveston Tattoo shop.

this place is amazing inside.  
wasn't allowed to take photos so you're just going to have to go in and see it for yourself!

played at the park for a while before hitting up Tandoori Kona for dinner.  it was such a nice evening and a perfect way to start off the weekend.  with so much going on in their lives, it's going to be a couple more weeks before they have the opportunity for another night over in Tsawwassen, so it was great to be able to squeeze in a mini visit!


enjoyed a chill saturday morning with a quickie visit from the neighbours.  moses told everyone they would be playing catch and gave them each their "catch" hats.


metal head, basket head

and peanut head
i was doubled over laughing when i turned around and saw Ty with the peanut hat

kevin made a gluten free apple pie which i did not get to eat because he took it to Saturday Night at the inlaws while i took off with girlfriend Marla for a mom night at gudrun in Steveston
(it's all good, he just took another one out of the oven which i'll probably sneak...)

headed into Ladner for an impromptu birthday party for Emilia!  

ribs, salads, and this amazing dish of chicken, cashews and melon!


everytime i catch chloe in one of these litte tikes cars, there is something VERY wrong happening.  check this out, she has just committed a hit and run but she is checking to see if he is moving!

beautiful family

gudrun with Marla

 polenta with carmelized onions, mushrooms and goat cheese

dungeness crab cakes

crisp sweet whites

yummy desserts
pot de crème and a slab of rich chocolate with caramel and whip

lol see!  YUMMY desserts!

there is too many more photos to add to this already extensive post
to be continued...


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