extended weekend part 2: poached eggs, beach, night market


kevin made a rad breakfast of poached eggs with a hash of chorizo, potato and golden beets

had a quick relaxation visit to Centennial
it's getting colder and i want to catch a few last visits

i love the lightness and colours in chloe's hair

eating chocomole with crackers
moses looks like he is ready to drop an F bomb

i keep forgetting to mention how kevin has officially become a man!  after having his first gluten-free beer aka cider at the Langemann's a few weeks ago, he finally went out and bought a six pack.  this is the second six pack.

my babes

the gap

night market

i don't think i have been to the night market since before i had moses.  so 3 years?  maybe 4... it was high time i took the kids to experience their first night market.  we headed to the new Richmond location by the River Rock Casino.

the most perfect welcome to a night market

moses had his first bubble tea!

totally loved it.  said the balls were soft and chewy
don't like getting the balls, we're getting the shredded coconut next time

went with rice burgers
with yam fries not the crayz corn dog covered in fries and sauce

good concept, but the rice was a little burned and crunchy

momo eating the fries with skewers

my mom and bro showed up to meet us

summer evenings

ready to attack

really wanted to try these potato tornadoes but i realized quick that everything is small for the amount of money you pay and i didn't want to waste another $5 on a huge stack of potatoes that might just taste like fried potatoes covered in fake seasoning

they look pretty damn cool though

kevin found a booth serving his favourite asian dessert drink with jelly and beans


strange purple wishing trees

really like these signs

miles of hot food

my mom bought some chow mein and i scarfed it down with the kids

my bro bought us a Matcha Egg Puff
it was disappointing.  was totally hoping the egg puff would be crispy but it was a little soft and the matcha filling was obviously just some sort of powdery filling

my mom snuck off and returned with some deep fried tofu

the night was chilly.  the food was all too greasy and fried and no doubt sneaking with msg.  i returned home hungry with an msg headache and threw back a few glasses of water.  i got the experience and the kids really enjoyed it, so mission accomplished!


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