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inching along

i've spent the last two days with my family.  kev's family too, but i don't seem to spend as much time with my family as i'd like so this was quite a treat.  i'm feeling super energized with positive energy.  particularly because of my brother.  he's had a rough start into in his early twenties but it seems as though he has emerged out of his cocoon and into a butterfly... in a very SNL-style of Will Ferrel wearing an inappropriately tight yet saggy one piece with Dollar Store drama wings tied around his shoulders sort of way.

he seems to have gained confidence in in himself and in a positive way where he is relaxed rather than arrogant.  he is a changed guy.  and as much as i am stoked to not have to deal with another brooding tempestuous Cancer (i already have to deal with myself, thank you very much), i am overjoyed for him.  it's hard when you get really bogged down, and i now that he has been able to get above it, i can tell he's enjoying the fresh air.  he was the one to actually organize yesterday's Dim Sum!  that's initiative and a half.  that is thoughtfulness and 3/4.  i had the pleasure of sitting between him and my mom rather than two chopstick wielding greasy handed children.  he was so pleasant to talk to and not full of shit.  so chilled out.  he even ordered a couple different things from the menu we have never tried.  it was fantastic.

moses reminds me so much of my brother.  even just visually because moses takes after me, and me and my brother went through a few years where we looked like twins, so certain expressions moses makes remind me very much of when my brother was moses' age.  the energy and the naughtiness are all there.  i interchangeably call them by the other's name because of how etched into my brain all the things my brother used to do are now showing up in moses.  

here we go again with the chopsticks

i love these taro dumplings

and these rice noodles were so hot and ready, ugh that sounds like a porno

kisses with auntie ping


this melts my heart

my mom came along with us to pick up this weeks' Westham produce

she was obviously in love with the little garden area


totally should have bought some

oh yeah scored some more artichokes this week!

lol my sister is going to hate and freak over these chicken photos.  i don't like chickens.  i find them disgustingly fascinating and terrifying at the same time.  they are so menacing and creepy.

i love kevin.  i am always finding him tucked away being really nice to animals though he always talks about how much he dislikes them.

i don't think i have mentioned all the jelly jam and honey they sell
i could not decide which honey to try so i didn't get any

unloaded our glorious abundance


beets . artichokes . green peppers . jalapeños . potatoes . corn . eggplant . spinach

basil . garlic . onion . green onions

yummy foot

this morning started with Minted Peas on Toast with Soft Boiled Eggs and fruit

continued with a tower of all our legos

and a long afternoon of prep, hosting a tiny dinner for my brother and mom

burgers, fries, salad and salmon (for my non-cow mom)
salmon and fruit salsa courtesy of neighbour cait

organic beef burgers stuffed with rosemary, thyme, oregano, sage, cayenne and paprika, chopped up onions, soy sauce and olive oil

herb mayo
cilantro, basil, mint

pickled slaw of mini cucumbers, golden beets and radishes
spinach & tomatoes

fries with curry ketchup

after stuffing our tummies, we all went out for a walk.  normally my brother probably would have said 2 words and then peaced out by now.  he had no plans and happily joined us with our little stroll to Beach Grove school.


i love my brother
i love these pics

felt so great to just hang out with him


home just in time for the fresh batch of Cherry Frozen Yogurt 

i'm so happy


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