gastown with nik

my my how the days go by

week 3 of preschool

all i can say is how thankful i am that i decided to take time off work.  every school day is a royal beating on my face.  i'm so happy to not be working while i try to get myself out of my summer routine, and attempt to take everything back an hour.  it really isn't working as you can tell by my late night posts, but it will.  the days are dreadfully shorter already, and they are only going to get shorter and cooler in the next few weeks.  we've been so lucky to have an extended summer, even on days where i'd love to just have a "pyjama day" inside, i force us out to soak up even 30 minutes of rays in the front courtyard knowing those rainy Vancouver days are upon us.  THANKFULLY we don't live in Vancouver, THANKFULLY we are in Sunny Tsawwassen! HA!

the one grace that comes with having to wake up 2 hours earlier for pre-school is that these two are sound asleep.  normally they are up and at 'em before me and i'm pretty damn sure they don't fawn over how adorable i look passed the eff out drooling in bed.  they are so tired and so sound asleep, i can enjoy the warmth of their cheeks as i press my lips in for the first kiss of the day.

i took a deep breath and agreed to pay my cousin Nik a visit in her new flat downtown.  after all the visits she paid us when she was living closer in Ladner, it was the least i could do.  ok, and i totally wanted to visit the city, Gastown in particular!  the traffic was not bad.  i spent the whole trip trying to talk myself out of freaking out about the time, about naptime, about non-parentals not understanding those with children, blah blah blah.  for the most part i was fine until i got closer and had to start looking for parking.  littered with one way streets and left/right turns only allowed during most hours of the day, my patience wore through and although the kids were perfectly content in the backseat, i snapped.  dropped and f-bomb and immediately apologized to moses and told him not to ever repeat that word.  meanwhile, moses just kept trying to calm me down, telling me "it's ok, mommy".  he was so sweet.  

after walking up and down the street for 10 minutes and moses claiming he really had to pee, we spotted my cousin and took the elevator up to the 29th floor.  what a view!


peek a boo

i love her style

more views down below and beyond

we had a mini snack so we could spend the rest of the time looking around 

used to come eat her with Jessica in the olden days.  we'd meet up after work and take our sweet time enjoying one another's uninterrupted company.  i don't know what that is.  even when i get the chance to enjoy some kid-free time, it's not the same.  you gotta go back to them.   they are waiting for you!

the steam clock & Gastown's red brick streets


Deluxe Junk
310 West Cordova

pumpkin face trying on glasses
we are going to have many decades of fun shopping in vintage shops
320 West Cordova

i first found out about Old Faithful through Pinterest when i fell in love with these
Polyhedron Terrariums


i completely forgot they were local and was giddy giddy when i realized they were next door to Deluxe.  thank you so much to the girls for being so patient with the kids and allowing me to attempt taking photos while trying to make sure the kids did not destroy anything!


les chocolats
i'm a sucker for pretty patterns

Syrups and Teas

Baskets of different coloured twine 
Simply Designed Vancouver Market Bag

The Vancouver Market bag is the result of an Old Faithful Shop and Apolis collaboration. A few years ago, Apolis partnered with Saidpur Enterprises: a project established in Bangladesh to help mothers of malnourished children find temporary employment producing jute handicrafts . The operation quickly grew and now support many artisans for a large fair trade export which provide literacy classes, training on nutrition, women's legal rights, educational awareness and finance. 

Our special edition bag seeks to further a Local + Global initiative. By purchasing this bag and using it locally we can provide aid and support to families who would not receive these benefits otherwise. It's simple: Commerce with a conscience.


Enamel Pendant Lamp
Available in Green, White, Black
*cries again*

friendly stationery

Variety of Soaps

for the sexy man

we move onward further into Gastown down Water Street

i am coming back to this shop
(once a month!)

Momo tired from an early start, learning, and walking in the hot afternoon sun

can't wait to come back!

we had to bolt.  the parking meter was up.  i received the message on my phone.  i threw my back pack on my front, chloe on my back and ran 2 long blocks back through Water Street to Seymour and 2.5 blocks uphill to the car.  sweating like a beast.  

thanks again Nik for getting me out into the city and helping me take care of the kids


  1. of course babe! it was soo good to see you and the kids. missed you heaps! can't wait to go gastown haunting again. xoxo.

  2. Hey, I was working at Old Faithful when you came in!
    Nice to see the pictures! Also..I love your blog :)


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