Heartbreak & Heartswells

watching Loony Tunes with the kids
i love ainge/angela.  it warms my body to the tips of my fingers and tips of my toes and tips of my... eyelashes (?) that our friendship continues to soar and bloom after so many years.  yes, i know, so cheesy.  i am so thankful to have her in my life and in the lives of my kids.  my kids adore her and she adores them.  it is such a huge blessing to be able to share my life with someone so great who has been part of my life for, well,  HALF my life.  she's been busy with work the past few weeks, but she finally made it out for a sleepover last night.

the week went fast.  it always does.  drove into richmond friday, dropped kids off at my mom's, went to renew passports for kev and moses, and said hello to caela in the mall while waiting for ainge to arrive via sky train.  with no children in tow, i seized the opportunity to check out a few places in the mall with ainge before picking up the kids!  nothing like going to the mall without any fucking kids to chase or pull along or bribe or yell 100 times: DON'T TOUCH!  the thought of it just makes me sweat all over.  *shudders*

Honey Cardamom Glazed Salmon with Asparagus
via Alive.com
dinner was delicious and would have been really great had both my children not been possessed by gremlins.  moses put on a drama show with full on panic attack hyperventilating and chloe splashed her soup and smeared it all over the table like finger paints.  i gave them chances, which i should not have.  i did not anticipate how horrible they were going to be since they are usually fairly well behaved at mealtimes.  i put them both in bed and they cried like 16 year old drama queens for 45 minutes while i finished my second wine and hit the patio for a few.

Vichyssoise (Cold Leek & Potato Soup)
with Cottage Cheese
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Chocolate Pu-erh Cakes with Cashew Ganache
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the fish was so tasty.  thanks to cait for generously supplying the salmon!  i'm not a huge fan of asparagus due to the intense urination stench that follows, but it was worth it.  gross.  was very pleased that we managed to cool the vichyssoise in time for dinner.  it cooled outside for the most part, but had to stick it int the freezer for the last 15 minutes.  the dessert was killer.  kevin made them gluten-free, too!  the cake was pretty good but the cashew ganache was pure crack!  raspberries were worth the $6 kick in the balls.

Poached Eggs, Mushrooms & Microgreens on Rye Baguette
(replaced microgreens with avo and roasted cherry tomatoes)
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brekkie took longer than i would have liked, but it was delicious.  chloe was maowing down everything!  the mushrooms and avo and tomatoes were flying!  kevin did a great job on the poached eggs.  i'm still terrified to try them again after totally effing them up on my first try.  i HATE wasting eggs.

Thanks Caela for the Photo!
we got ready and headed out into Vancity to drop off ainge and meet up with caela on granville island!  it was a perfect day for taking photos, sunny and overcast, and i thought i'd have a go at one of the most popular locations for vancouver photos!  and why not, i spent 3 years going at Emily Carr...  i've decided to give my notice tomorrow and see if i am able to manage on my own.  just need to practice practice practice.  i have a few photoshoots lined up, so we'll see how they go!

currently editing the photos which will take me forevs, so you'll have to wait.  in the meantime i would like to share with you, the first newsletter from Lutins du Bois, updating parents on what the kids have been doing since their first day.  i just read it and i totally started choking back tears like a baby.

Bonjour chers parents,

We are celebrating the progress our children have made since the beginning of school.  Many have bonded well with their teachers and have already made special friends in class. A few of our little ones are still getting used to their new schedule and demands but the process of getting comfortable in a new environment and bonding  with others  is very personal and unique for each individual.   As a parent you need to remain positive and confident that your child is able so that he or she feeds on that attitude. 

We have conducted a fire drill at school last week. .  The children handled the practice very well. Yes that alarm is very loud! A reminder that as the air is getting cooler we will need you to provide appropriate clothing for your children.

We continue to explore colours in class and are now practicing counting to 10 and above for the older students.  We are also learning the parts of the body with songs and games.  For our Thanksgiving project we are going to make an apple crumble.  The weeks following Thanksgiving will be busy with talks about harvest and Halloween. We will make a veggie soup, eat tortilla chips and of course pop corn!  

We will have our Halloween celebration at school with a pumpkin hunt in our own beautiful forest.   In fact we will have special activities all week prior to Halloween. On the day of Halloween children are welcomed to dress up if they wish.  Bring a change of clothes as many decide to take off the costume as it gets too hot. If some children do not want to dress up please encourage them to wear an autumn colour at least so they can fit in our parade through the school. No need to send extra snacks since we will provide a special orange theme snack to share.  We are a nut free environment (in the morning class!) and it is easier for teachers to monitor what comes in the environment on those occasions.    

You will soon notice some Scholastic book flyers by our sign in book.  Be informed that this is not a fundraiser for our preschool but rather a great opportunity for parents to get French books at a very good price.  We do however accumulate points as we order and these allow us to get free books for our classroom in return.  If you need help selecting age appropriate French books for your child we can help out.

On a last note, we would encourage all parents to make dismissal procedure as smooth as possible by greeting your children at the gate.  As well, our principal reminded us to park along the street and walk to school to avoid parking in the students’ emergency gathering area.

We will have a Christmas mini concert and we are in process of choosing a date. Note that our last day of school is on December 21st.

i want to barf.

moses is now away from me.  for only 2.5 hours 2 times a week, but still, in the presence of two other adults who are in charge of his well-being and his education.  i am shut out!  but it is not a bad thing!  but i am so emotional!  he is growing up!  NOOooooooO!!!!!  but YYESSss!!!!!!  they totally made apple crumble, and he won't tell me about it!  i can't tell if i am feeling happy or sad hearing about all the things they are going to be doing.  i'm so excited for him, but i'm sad that i am not there doing it with him.  but even if i were, it would not be the same experience.  i wish i could watch him on camera to see what he is like without me.  he/we/i haven't decided on his Halloween costume, and did not even consider the fact that he would wear one to school... FOR THE FIRST TIME.  AGH!  also i have been  fantasizing about those Scholastic book flyers making their way back into my life because i LOVED them as a kid.  i loved flipping through and check marking on the back the ones i wanted and bringing it to class with the money from my mom.  CHRISTMAS MINI CONCERT?!!!!  I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!

i am so happy and so sad right now.  i know there are a lot of newbie moms right now and newbie moms to be right now that are reading this.  i know how hard these first months are right now, but you will soon be receiving these newsletters and you will be wondering what happened to the tiny squirmy thing that did nothing but eat, sleep, shit, and cry and you will wonder where the hell that time went.  and this is only the beginning...



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