i wanna hide

if you compare yourself with others
you may become vain or bitter
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself

enjoy your achievements as well as your plans
keep interested in your own career, however humble
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time

a quick post as my hindquarters whine like piglets to just go lie down.  quick breakfast and out the door to Superstore in an attempt to find some easy pull up pants for Moses to wear at pre-school.  they have to be fully potty trained so looking for sweatpants or pullups that require NO buttons for the first month.  also, i just realized today that he starts tomorrow and not thursday.  i have been ignoring this for a while.  i don't think i'm going to cry over the fact that he is growing (i'd rather just go into denial...) but i might cry over the fact that i will now have to adhere to a scheduled partially organized life.  wahhhh.


i was disappointed in the pants.  they had some coloured pants that were pretty cute in black, red, green and blue, but the cut was not that great on the legs.  the boy skinnies are never as well cut as the girls with JoeFresh.  i bought him a green pair.  $14.  he really liked them and freaked out when i tried to take them off after trying them on.  also found a super cute pair of indigo skinny cords for chloe for $12.  they had a perfect mustard pair, but the mustard did not really complement her genetic make up.  her tones are too close.

anyway.  after chasing them in and out of clothing racks for 45 minutes, trying to find decent sweatpants or jeans, i gave up and let them wander in the toys for 15 minutes.

i hate having to take moses to the washroom to pee.  but at least he is a boy.  i don't know how i am going to deal with chloe once she reaches his stage in potty training.  the process is high anxiety for a germaphobe.  i usually sit chloe up on a change table so that she can't run around licking and touching toilets and sitting on the floor.  i leave the stall door open JUST IN CASE she is in an asshole mood and wants to try to jump off.  i lift moses up on a horizontal slant - one arm around his chest and the other holding the back waist of his pants.  so, yes, i am holding a human gun that shoots piss and YES my aim is perfect and YES even as the stream loses power.

yes, i know.  i should just get a shopping cart.  but i like to suffer.

in the car i just needed a minute of silence.  i considered driving out to White Rock for H&M.  i considered hopping over to Richmond Centre to check GAP.  i freaked out at them to PLEASE close their mouths and just be quiet.  apparently chloe's understanding of my request was to SHRIEK

(repeat 5 times)

with a ringing in my ears, we ended up visiting Kevin on the way home instead.  ate some samosas.  played in the park.  got home.  washed chloe's dusty feet and legs. put her to bed.  passed out on my bed and told moses to leave me alone for 5 minutes.

my body hurts so much.  what is with this body pain?

i'm working tues wed thurs this week and next to help cover the blanks from all the new graduates starting their first year at post-secondary.  i don't want to work.  i don't want to go back to wearing the normal white dress shirts that i have to wash and bleach and steam/iron every fucking week.  why can't they get a white version of the black summer polos we got to wear that required ZERO work!

as much as i am always too exhausted by 3pm everyday to go to work, i do love being able to meet people and talk with familiar faces.  it is truly the perfect place to network and it's a great feeling to know that people choose my line because we get to catch up or give one another encouragement.  as mentioned, i will be taking a few weeks off instead of quitting.  despite being super tired, i know i would miss all the people, all my favourites.  it's a humble job and a good one.  and i am thankful for that.  


thanks for listening.  more photos to come from our lovely outing on South Granville yesterday!


  1. and you didn't call me to come visit me? i would have had you over in an instant! you better come visit me next week na! xoxo.

  2. LOL it was very preemptive and spontaneous! i want to see you we will make a date!


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