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Another intense breakfast situation with hardcore cuff accessories
life is good.  i have been feeling a huge sense of relief having my three jobs down to two for the next couple of weeks.  that sense of urgency, that dark cloud of anxiety, and the anticipation of feeling completely burnt out has been lifted if but temporarily.  with my energy levels up, i happily welcomed cait to leave Ty with us yesterday for 4 hours.  the first thing Moses said when he woke up was "IT'S LIGHTNING MCQUEEN'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!" so we had a little birthday celebration once Ty joined the crew.

we made them paper hats

we lined them up

and they watched the Cars movie aka a Cars book!

grilled cheese with homemade jamie oliver soup
(soup was a little thick, almost ketchuppy, so we used it for dip!)


entire watermelons go a long way.  we made watermelon-strawberry smoothies and popsicles last week and i made watermleon with greek honey yogurt smoothies and popsicles this week

moses' kept bossing Chloe and Ty around, telling them to SUCK IT!

bad romance


bottoms up!

Ty went for his nap back home with Nana Norma and moses found this crazy caterpillar on our patio

my brain is just gone.  i can never remember what i did the previous day, actually i just drew a blank trying to remember what i did today!  yesterday i actually tried to chill out and not worry about cleaning and put that energy towards engaging more with the kids.  2pm BAM hit the exhausting wall anyway.  normally it's 3pm.  we went out to Boundary Bay after dinner to check out a car for Matt.  the kids and i walked a few blocks down to the semi-private beach.  you have to walk in between the houses whose backyards ARE the beach.  sigh.  ONE DAY.  one day i'll have one of those and you'll all be invited over for a massive dinner party...

today we did a quick trip out to the Langemann's home as they are needing help with a logo and want to get it started sooner than later.  i printed out a bunch of ideas and after a few tokes, we figured out the details for the first runs!  i just sent them out an hour ago and it's feeling pretty good.  stoked.

BOGO cheese St Paulin & OKA
tonight was another communal feasting with cait and ty at her mom's house with her mom and brother.  her brother Morgan did the cooking with a little prep help from the ladies.  such a great mix of flavours, textures, heats, and wine!

spicy apple slaw with onions, jalapeños, anaheims, red onion, cilantro
mixed greens salad with nuts, cranberries, cheese

super tender horse dongs with raspberry chipotle sauce

love the label on this wine bottle

roasted veggies
veggie puree
carrots, potatoes, yams, fennel, leeks

rapsberries and strawberries with orange-chocolate mousse

chloe had a gay old time on the swing while the boys ate their desserts, with blankets on a couch watching the Polar Express.  Ty passed out and was snoring when it was time to hit the road.  

we packed up the wagons, threw some blankets down to keep the kids warm

Ty sound asleep in the wagon ride home

such a fantastic evening
thanks cait morg and norma for welcoming us for a fab dinner



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  2. that looks incredible! everytime i'm on your blog i see something yum and i wanna partake in the feast. can't wait to cya tomorrow! :) xoxo.


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