Labour Day on South Granville

i have been burning like crazy.  and why not, it's patio season after all.  perhaps that is why i feel like crap in the morning?  probably not.  or at least that's what i'm going to continue to tell myself.  so the long Labour Day weekend was a success.  our last day was just as busy as all the others.  we dragged ourselves out of bed earlier in hopes of fitting more into the day. 

breakfast was leftover hamburger toppings (tomatoes, cheese, spinach) scrambled into some eggs with some toast, courtesy of kevin.  what a relief to not have to make breakfast!

this photo cracks me up
inner drama queen meets emo-tastic angst

i am loving what this 50mm can do in terms of depth of field
this isn't perfect, but i really love how her background hairs are blurring out 

we were out of the house in record time, arriving at Staples around 11am.  that is unspeakable when i am on my own with them during the week.  kevin was so frigging awesome to spend a few hours the day before shopping online for printers, something i have been putting off for months.  i seriously do not have the time or mental capacity to be dealing with technical stuff.  i'm so grateful he knows what i need and want for a printer and was able to find one that met those needs.  $500 4-in-1 laser printer down to $299.  he later spent another couple of hours setting it up and testing quality on a variety of files and photos.  what a fucking champ.  I LOVE YOU!  YOU ARE SO AWESOME!

we ended up down on South Granville.  i've been wanting to check out the new stores, visit old ones, purchase those round lightbulbs from Pottery Barn AND it just so happened that this fab new brand ILIA of Organic lipstick that KLF introduced to me this weekend happened to be sold at MISCH.  it was meant to be.  i used to drool everytime i passed their window back in the day and i was squealing inside as i rushed through the doors.  i love the clothes and the two girls working could not have been more sweet and welcoming.  

lipstick or lipbalm that feels like soft butter

quickly shuffled through Anthropologie

and found ourselves at vij's rangoli just in time for lunch!
can you sense how happy i am feeling?  
misch, new lipstick, anthro, and now delicious indian food, what is going on here?  

waiting for our seat

naan, mango lassi, and chai to start

Cauliflower, Spinach, Onion and Potato Pakoras

with daal and mint chutney

Lamb, Chickpeas and Potatoes in Yogurt-Date Curry

with naan and beet salad

thank you South Granville
it was a pleasure!


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