Lazy Day, Three Boys, and Girl's Night chez Anita Sikma

grilled cheese days are lazy days but with 4 kinds of cheese other than our 3kg block of Costco cheddar, i decided to experiment.  i went with a mix of shredded 3kg cheddar, gruyere, and another one from Amsterdam that no longer has the label.  chopped up a few sprigs of tarragon from Westham and grilled those babies up.  they were great.  chloe screamed, cried and tried to take pieces from moses' and my plate after she had annihilated her own, wanting more.  tough luck girl!

i also thought i would take a photo with the 2 day old food scraps dried on our table just so you would know that i am normal and often do not always have the chance to bother with such things.  
my sister is cringing.

the boys at Heron Cove
i did a short stint watching these crazy dudes
i took video of them being total boys but chloe chewed on the camera and i'm going to need to do some surgery on it in order to get it to transfer to the computer here.

chloe and i took off for a girls' night out at Anita's for her jewellery sale in East Van

at first little Chlo was nervous around all the new faces, but quickly warmed up as they started feeding her strawberries, cheese and crackers, concord grapes, and one cha cha (chocolate wafer).  she was also very stoked that Anita had a friendly little kitty cat!

the table

this girl is gold

it will be mine
oh yes
it will be mine

love how so many of her pieces can work up or down

custom piece

the couture collection?!

work station


thena with her cross below

i don't know how all these east van girls manage to create and maintain 
such a focused and well conceived vision of decor

the last shot before my camera died

if only i could buy every single piece.  i absolutely can't get enough of her work, it is so different and so original.  she adds an edgy modern take on the art deco inspired looks.  they are futuristic and robotic and yet maintain a very classical element that makes them so wearable.


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