life with cait - Lighthouse Point & Mexican Noms

Cait took me on my first real visit to Point Roberts at Lightouse Park

Ty attacking the water

Moses running from the crashing waves 

in the fort


Ty Greggs

can you find chloe?

coco bear

we had the sweetest spot all made up for us when we arrived.  the last visitors had created a circle out of beach wood, with a little table!.  everyone was cozy under the blanket snacking on noms.

enjoying life

later that night...
Mexican Communal Dinner

guess who's stoked!

we decided on Mexican based on this weekend's Westham delivery.  along with each order, they also have a nice little write up and/or recipe and this week featured everything needed to make a salsa.  we discussed bare bones at the beach and i bought a few things to add on the way home.  scoured through some recipes and ended up making enough for a DIY TACO NIGHT.


3 tomatillos heated on mediume with veg oil on pan until thoroughly charred
2 avocados
1 cup creme fraiche/sour cream/plain yogurt
1/2 lime juice
salt to taste
Sriracha for heat (optional)


fresh tiny tomatoes from Westham on da man

chloe is always first at the table
sometimes 40 minutes before it is ready

chorizo & potato hash
fresh pan seared halibut

choice of 3 toppings

alexandra's kitchen
(my new favourite food blog!)

real simple 

both cait's mom and brother joined us for dinner.  the more the merrier.  we all went to town downing 3-4 tacos each, mixing and matching proteins with variations of toppings.  everything was so good and made for excellent leftovers!

and then kevin made gluten-free homemade churros
(sub regular flour for Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free All Purpose Baking Flour)

and i made some chocolate fondue because the only thing better than deep-fried dough rolled in sugar and cinnamon is giving them warm dark chocolate hats!

nobody enjoyed them

especially not chloe

kid to adult ratio 3:1

breakfast leftovers to be continued...


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