didn't sleep until 2:30 last night.  stayed up til 130am blogging and then pounded out a mini celebratory table for moses.  life has been so busy, i haven't had time to really do anything special for him to commemorate his big day.  i've been up and going all day long and i am so glad to be able to just sit here and dedicate the last hours of my evening to this very special post.

kevin could not book the time off work to come see moses off so he made him a little card

cereal with bananas and strawberries

oh em gee 
this kid is a clown

loving his scrappy knee hole

is this for real?

we arrived to kids running around in the playground.  the entire ordeal was really quite uneventful.  having been highly socialized on a regular basis, moses was little phased by my leaving.  it definitely  helped to see his buddy Ethan running amok with the rest of the kids.

this is what gave me the pouty lip, the lump in my throat, the squidge in my eyes.  i was not expecting this.  i know it's pretty lame, but seeing his name tag for his sac a dos felt so special.  this little name tag with a little drawing of a dinosaur, someone did this for him.  i am totally going to snag this at the end of the school year and keep it for the rest of my life!!!!!

Molly & Charlie

photos for Mich & Jay who also could not make it today

can't wait to spend more quality time with crazy chlo!!!

so the other lump-in-my-throat part of the day was picking him up and having the teacher tell me that he was great, that he was very calm and excited.  i know it was only one hour and i know that he is usually quite well-behaved, but it was so nice to hear positive feedback no matter how minute.  i was so happy to see his face light up as he gave me the quick rundown.

so i never actually got to read the card kevin made until i picked up moses.  this was lump number 3 and tears number 1.  SO LAME!  SO SO LAME I AM!  in the rush to arrive on time, i didn't realize moses had packed the card into his sac a dos along with his apple for snacktime.  when we were leaving, he was holding it in his hand!  so i read it outloud to him choking back a little at the end.

I hope you have a very good first 
day of school, Buckaroo!

I am sure you will have a lot of 
fun and meet a bunch of new friends!

I'm very proud of you, Moses.  I already
know you are a bright boy, and now
you will be teaching me!

I can not wait to hear your stories - 
to hear how your days went  - the 
fun you and and all the neat stuff 
you did.

I wish I could go with you today.
I can not wait to see you when I
get home.

I love you so much.


i packed a mini lunch and drove out to White Rock to find him pants at H&M and treat him to a visit to Chapters to play with the trains.  OMG.  in the changeroom he started counting to 10 in french.  WTF.  either his brain is on super sponge mode or those teachers are amazing.  the only number he forgets is 4.  i'm impressed as only a mother can be!

i got him 2 pairs of pants, a pair of jeans, and a pair of sweatpants.  

at Chapters, purchased them metal waterbottles since neither of them have one and Moses is required to have one for pre-school.

sigh.  it's 106am.


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