Neon Angel by Ilia

just thought i'd throw out a few photos of me rocking my new lipstick

so stoked that i went with the hot pink instead of another bright red

happy to report that the organic ingredients are working great in terms of smooth application, colorfastness, and non-drying.  the drying is always my biggest issue with lipstick.  my reds for the past couple of years have been Vincent Longo.  i'm always super skeptical when people tell me how their lips don't dry out, because they probably just don't have dry lip issues as intense as mine.  

Vincent Longo has been spectacular, but i was intrigued by Ilia because i am very much into using organics and founder, Sasha Plavsic just happens to be a local Vancouverite (not to mention younger sister to Olympian Windsurfer, Zac Plavsic).  Her background in Branding and Marketing in the industry led her to create supply for the increasing demand of organic products... that actually  work!  To boot, these lipsticks and balms that use up to 85% organic ingredients, retail for the same price as many brandname lipsticks at $25.  not too shabby!

i daresay, i am excited and looking forward to Ilia's product expansion!  very much into the idea of make up that is able to do double duty: nourish the body and rock the body!  if someone gives me cake, i'm gonna want to eat that damn cake too!

“Somebody recently said to me, that because it's organic it's good for you, and it doesn't matter if it doesn't work as well as the mainstream stuff - I intend to change their mind.” SP


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