Return to Gastown

bon matin tout le monde!
so it's the first minutes of monday.  we'll just pretend it's still sunday for goodness sake
we had a hustling bustling day of good friends in the VanCity today

we were up "early" to pick up Matt & Renée at 10am at Metrotown to view a car a few blocks away for Matt.  it's a beauty.  it looks like it might be a deal, too good to pass up, and definitely a self-portrait of Matt if he were a car.  i agree that a sea foam paintjob would really make it their own!

kevin picked up those flowers i've been jonesing for when he picked up our Westham bag yesterday

after checking out the car, we packed ourselves into the van and headed into downtown to drop M&R off at the Tattoo Shop for Matt's first appointment

R busted out a bucket of sidewalk chalk and busied the kids
that is Moses' first public tagging

a few shots from inside the shop


train tracks attracting passersby

bonjour Woodwards

the sweetest dude

who are we?

chloe drinking gallons of water just so she could use the water dispenser

we said our goodbyes and met up on Water Street for lunch with Ada
for a Chill Winston Brunch!

such a dope Cocktail menu
DEAR GOD for me & SPOONING JESUS for kev

veg chips to share

walnut, fig & cinnamon infused Cruzan rum
Galiano, coconut water, ginger beer, toasted coconut flakes
Your Soul

The Turkey Club
house-smoked turkey, bacon, cranberry compote, cranberry walnut break

Fish Tacos
fresh pan-seared steelhead and sablefish, black bean salsa, citrus chili aioli

Strawberry Avocado Salad with Steelhead
strawberries, avocado, blueberries, and whole almonds on romaine gems, 
radish sprouts, pea shoots, and Winston Mix greens

momo taking liberties

live music

are we there yet?


Gassy Jack

we ran into Ashley and Ivan as we were leaving.  our next stop was supposed to be picking up Ainge to spend the night, but we ended up having to reschedule for this friday.  heading south towards Misch, i requested a pit stop so i could run in and try the Voilà by Ilia that i stumbled upon last night.  
i've been searching for a bright orange colour for a while, but i can not decide if it's a keeper...

any thoughts?

another busy weekend come and gone.  the weather has been gorgeous.  this time of year always reminds me of kevin.  this time of year always brings me back to the first Fall a few months after we had just met in July of 1997.  the light and the crisp air, all so familiar and reminscent of those early days of a new school year.  although summer is normally a time of freedom for young love, it was during the school year that gave us more opportunities to sneak around to see each other.  

sigh.  love you kev  :)  thanks for a wonderful family weekend!


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