spice & smoke

last weekend was so fabulous i knew it wouldn't last long.  it was a bootcamp week for everyone.  it's the other New Year where the long summer days are not so long, people are tired yet still trying to cram  in some last minute vacations or BBQs , and of course another school year begins.

i had most of the late afternoon and the evening to myself today.  what a relief.  i managed to plough through photos of Taryn's BBQ and our day at Westham Island for Farm Day, but i'll save those for my next post.

i don't know if this has anything to do with my newfound respect for herbs and spices, but i am all about the spice and flavours.  i'm addicted to Indian food.  my entire eating schedule was off today, and with nobody to take care of in the evening, i didn't start making myself dinner until 6:30pm.  we had generous load from Westham, including another fresh bunch of swiss chard.  we have had it a few times in the past, the firsts going straight to the compost, the last batch chopped up and tossed into pasta sauce by kevin. 

 i decided to try it out for the first time and came up with a very tasty curried pasta sauce.  

handful of tomatoes from my Lola's garden 
(my mom brought more over before i finished the first batch!)

1 tbsp Midas Mild Curry Paste
(the one i have been using for Tana Ramsay's Eggplant Curry)

2 tbsp 0% Greek Coconut Yogurt

4 swiss chard, stalks removed and leaves chopped
blanched before adding to curry/sauce

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil

Lime Juice

Organic Linguine

made 3 of these small servings
all of which i devoured

i've been an avid tea drinker forever.  traditional orange pekoe, my green and mint tea with cigarettes phase at Emily Carr, green tea with Nin Jiom syrup when blazing with Ainge, chai and iced chais working at Standrews Church Supply, my long obsession with london fogs, chamomile or camel toe as i called it while breastfeeding, back to london fogs, and of course with all the spice in my life, i've started downing the spice teas from my Mighty Leaf chocolate collection.  they're a bit old but they are still pretty good.  i just finished my Masala Chocolate Truffle (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves with chocolate) and have moved onto Mayan Chocolate Truffle (chill, red pepper, strawberry, apple).

taking pleasure in spices has increased the purchase of incense.  i bought cheap sandalwood and lavender on our last trip to China Town, but recently i have begun choosing other scents from the Health section at work. 

 i love how the ends have that little tint of colour to distinguish one from the other.

 this increase in incense is a perfect alternative to my candles.  the two i have are pricy and therefor i try not to use them as often as i would like.  i have a Black Orchid candle from my brother-in-law's mother, and my favourite Cannabis by fresh from my sister.  also, if you didn't click on the link, you're better off because their products are so delicious.  their tinted lip balm is like butter, their lychee perfume is sweet, and their Brown Sugar and Citron candles are so refreshing. 


i'm turning into such a hippie

i could watch incense smoke forever
check out these gorgeous waves, shapes and patterns
so organic and yet so precise


the smoke kept going in and out of this pattern in particular
so mesmerizing how it would repeat the same shape over and over like a heartbeat

soft tornado


i'm enjoying all the spice that is seemingly taking over my life.  all my chocolate covered crystallized ginger snacks are gone.  the bulk section has been out of them ALL WEEK.  

spicy 30's here i come!


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