the first last weekend of summer

enjoyed my mom's company in the early part of the day
she helped clean up my house a little and gave me time to clean summer out from our car

kevin staggered home from an exhausting day at work and we headed out to Back To School BBQ over at Taryn and Syx's home in East Van

my heart swells for this amazing momma 
(who happened to tackle 4 kids on her own for the afternoon)

Arlo sporting a snazzy bandana

the star of the night
there were at least 4 cameras and 4 kids going paparazzi here

it slept for the better part of an hour in lindsay's lap
check out that smile on Hanu, she's bursting with happiness!

my beautiful girls

 Larry so calm and cool
Armenie the non-sleeper


Back to School Portraits
by Lindsay
for more go to


check out the sag on chloe's diaper!

ex-catholic school moms

my hero

giving up on nice photos
kevin, lindsay, & neil
(my son is possibly hidden in neil's lap)

this is pretty much what the night looked like to me anyway

had such amazing and ridiculous adult conversations with new people that are so down to earth, so friendly, and so hilarious.  i love our visits to the Langemann household because every person that walks through their door wants to meet and greet you.  every person is so genuine.  every person is such a pleasure to meet.  a great chill night with rad peeps.

my son is introduced and immediately addicted to video games

Moses makes a Lazyboy out of Neil's lap as Neil tells Moses to KICK and PUNCH the robots
As we say our good-byes Moses independently thanks Neil for letting him play the game

Westham Island Farm Day

tractor rides!

hay throwing pit

after carefully observing the other children and realizing nobody was getting in trouble, moses got right into gathering mounds of hay and throwing them everywhere

White Spot truck

snacking on produce from our weekly box

on the tractor
pumpkins below!


me and my girl

this was by far one of the strangest things i have ever seen in my life.  this life-sized cow was made to recreate the experience of milking a real life cow without the natural ambience

fake udders that sprayed out water
felt like holding onto my own tits as i recalled breastfeeding

and why is it weirder to drink HUMAN milk than to drink a COW'S milk?
that milk is meant for the cow's young!

i got sneered at for taking these photos but part of growing up is having pictures of you being nasty

yummy dessert samples by 
Working to bring BC's agriculture to our students

i am a huge supporter of this.  i am really trying to stick to buying local as much as i can.  i am excited for the kids to gain more independence as they grow older and are more capable of creating their own meals.  hoping we will have a home with lots of sun and a space for a garden.

it was a hot afternoon and the kids did not last long in the heat with little food to sustain them.  they were so grumpy and uncooperative, i peaced out in my room as soon as we got home.  this was the evening i went solo with spices and incense...  such a great great evening to myself.  peaceful.  was able to plough through the majority of the interview by Dani from DEME Prenatal.  so much i want to talk about now with thought-provoking questions and the time to actually reflect and offer my thoughts.

so thankful to have the day off

enjoyed our traditional weekend Gluten-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes
yogurt, jams, peaches, & raspberries

so thankful to not have to make breakfast

realizing that the kids do not have clothes for the upcoming Fall and Winter, i decided to finally pullout these wicked fuschia Ugg Boots from my dad's sister who lives in Texas.  

chloe is in heaven and admittedly i am a little jealous of how haute these little booties are with their lambs wool and button/loop detail.  i must also admit that as sad i am about the summer ending, i have reached that stage where i kind of want to wear my Uggs and get cozy in some heavier outerwear...

super loving these H&M pants i got him!
we headed out for a couple of hours to check out mattresses at Ikea, Westcoast Kids, and Sleep Country for chloe.  we returned for chloe's nap while kevin went to work on the Falcon.  my bro ended up visiting and stayed for dinner.  he rode the skatepark a little on his own before taking Moses out boarding as well.  still reeling with joy having my brother becoming a bigger part of our lives again.  

so ridic how huge this mini skateboard still looks compared to Momo.  



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