the small print

i am super in love with my dalmation pants.  the last 3 times i have worn them after our dinner at Minami were in VAIN!  i tried wearing them to the Ladner Market which we didn't make, i tried to wear them again to Night Market the first time when it rained and we had to leave, i wore them AGAIN to Night Market and kevin didn't get any photos of me in them!!!!  i am very disappointed.  anyway, i have been super into all the crazy prints popping up and thought i would share some of my faves with you...
Vintage Bloomers
floral skirts forever
being asian is where it's at
unless you are this babely blonde in this super intense suit

J Crew
want these sequin bow pants SO BAD!


Dusen Dusen

J Crew
there are little HENS on this silk blouse!!!!
yummy melons!

birds the word
Prints on Prints

print on print on print

and for the little ones


cross walk
i used to have a pair of super mega floral pants when i was chloe's age that i refused to take off
much like the ones that blondie is wearing...  clearly i have not stopped loving florals

wish i had this digger onesie when moses was a baby!

biking pants!
stars by bobochoses

i'm thinking of seeing what sort of basic items i can find for cheap and make my own stamps to create some fun and crazy prints.  that would definitely give me that little hop in my step as the cold weather sets in...


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