Trike & Bike

nothing much going on these days.  lots of ideas and to-do lists and whatnot, lots of laziness and procrastinating.  i was supposed to paint something last night and make mailboxes today but both those things did not happen.  i was happy, however, to get out into this gorgeous fall evening light for some photos of the kids riding bikes for the first time together.  i don't think moses rose his trike all summer.  we picked up his McQueen bike from my inlaws.  he received it from my sister last Christmas, but he was too small .  i could say i regret not breeaking them out earlier, but it doesn't really matter.  they are both capable and excited to ride, perhaps that will get us out and moving during the Fall.

chloe holding momo's bike while he ran back to grab the house key

don't you just love those days when you don't give a shit what you are going to wear and have the ensemble be the best thing ever?  i also love it when i do that with my kids.  hipster chloe at your service, riding her custom painted and pinstriped trike by Daddy.

bad to the bone

gold leaves


moses laugh echoed off the surrounding buildings
he was having the time of his life

smooch smooch

i should expect nothing short of ridiculous photos for the next 25 years

my darling

secret pinstripes

shoulder check

more silliness

love this shot

and back home for some yummy dins

i'm feeling really tired and worn out and stressed out and frustrated with myself


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