Hollins-Brackman Family Photoshoot

hello everyone.  welcome back.  

my thanksgiving post is in progress  
currently need to get camera and imac on the same page
my photos aren't transferring to the computer

feels like disassembling a bomb
kind of
really i just have to make sure i don't wipe my computer

let's welcome this short week with my family shoot of
Sam, Steve, Maggie, and Baby Drew

i met Sam at Thrifty's 
both of us SAHM's working part-time
for a little side cash
for a little sanity

I saw Sam come in for groceries on a few shifts but never with her new little man
so it was high time i met with little Drew...

they are always tinier than you remember
my eyes closed to watch the memories of my newborn days flash by
& my heart choked at the weightlessness of his warm little body
as i nervously lifted him up from his crib to the bed

big sister Maggie sneaking a little kiss

typical siblings

i know
she's so frigging adorable

these days are so precious
these little ones, they are a handful
but these endless demands
somehow fade into the background
with but a smile or the slightest graze of their tiny fingertips

these days 
lacking so much in sleep
are so full of love

we sacrifice our bodies, our careers, our drinking money, or shoe money, our time
and sometimes even our friendships to make sure these little ones get the best of us...

...just to bask in their happiness

suddenly, the world seems so big

we do our best to hold onto their every detail
before they venture out into the world
fighting their own battles

i wonder if i'll ever miss doing 50 loads of laundry once they are gone

i wish i could remember these moments

after hours of hectic rushing around and tending to everyone's needs
these quiet moments seem like magic

nothing compares to this kind of love

their warmth and their smell
keeping that tiny heart beating next to yours

they grow so fast


thank you for letting me capture these moments



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