Thanksgiving Part I

greetings everyone!  hope you're Thanksgiving Long Weekend brought you a little closer to your loved ones whether you spent it with family or friends or a nice bottle of wine and garbage tv!  i love Thanksgiving.  not just because i love eating (although i might just eat salad for the rest of the week after our 4 days of dinners...) but because i love being surrounded by family and friends.  i love greeting and being greeted by others with joyful smiles and warm embraces, i love reconnecting with those i haven't seen since the last family visit and sharing more laughs with those in my close circle of friends.

i must admit, having kids definitely wakes you up to the importance of family and building a support system.  my mom has always reinforced the importance of family, and i now understand where all the years of berating came from.  just another way in which i am slowly transforming into Evangeline Chan Version 2.0.  it's natural in your teenage years and early adult years to make friends a priority.  your independence is paramount and to admit being excited about hanging out with family is definitely regarded as L.A.M.E.B.A.L.L.S.   well, at least that was my experience.  the funny thing is that everything leading up to these dinners felt as arduous a task as cleaning your room, but once i arrived, to keep up the emo to-cool-for-school facade (listening to a mixtape of Nirvana & the Clash from your boyfriend who is doing the same thing with his family and WOE ARE WE THAT WE ARE NOT SPENDING IT TOGETHER MAKING OUT!) is just ridiculous when all your rad cousins are there wanting to catch up with you!  

so... some thank yous.

first of all a thank you to my hubtar Kevin for... everything.  i don't even know where to start.  thank you for putting up with us.  for taking care of us and always putting us first above all else.  for your love and patience day in and day out no matter how exhausted and crummy you feel on those rough days.  we are so lucky, we are so blessed.

thank you to all my family and to all my friends for making this life the best life i could ask for.  i truly do not know where i would be without all the love, laughter and support i get from so many of you!  thank you for late night talks, the shoulder to cry on during those spontaneous nervous breakdowns, and helping provide relief from my children when i reach my limit.  thank you for welcoming me into your lives and being a part of my little family.  thank you for the advice, the kind words, the encouragement, and the continued faith in me as a mother and as a person.  thank you for your infinite generosity and thoughtfulness.  thank you for the random messages sent to me via facebook or texts just to tell me you think i'm doing great.  my brain doesn't work as well these days, so even if i have trouble recalling everything from everyone, you've definitely made a mark on my heart.  we all have days where we feel down and out, and it is always through the act of reflecting and being grateful that lifts me out of the dumps.  

i would also like to say thank you to the faceless readers that have made this blog a part of their daily or weekly life.  my stats have doubled in the past 4 months thanks to my circle of friends who have referred this blog to their friends.  i know you are out there!  so on that note, i would like to welcome everyone, once more, to please be a part of this ongoing conversation that is this blog and leave me a message if there is something that either resonates with you or even just to say "hello!"  

don't be shy!

alright.  thank yous aside, here are my very lazy photos from this crazy Thanksgiving weekend.

i left the photography to Taryn and Syx for the evening, so TARYN GET ON BLOGGING!

intoxi-mom with Armenie
via Jamie Oliver

via Martha Stewart's

via fine cooking magazine

Roasted Beets, Carrots, Fennel, Shallots

Gluten Free Pear & Cranberry Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Whiskey Shots

spent my morning with the Hollins-Brackman gang, doing their family photoshoot.  it was such a pleasure.  they are so easy going and down to earth.  i love Maggie, she is just such a riot.  i loved hearing her call me by my name in her little toddler voice, leading me around their home.  it was so nostalgic.  it feels ridiculous to say that, but it's so true.  they progress in leaps and bounds, that as slow as the days seem to pass, they are gone so fast and a baby at 3 months is a different being from a newborn, 6 months is another huge leap, and so on and so forth.  it's only almost 2 years ago that chloe was a tiny baby, and i have to say that it felt nostalgic to see a baby change station located in the living room on a table.  that's just the way things are!  i was severely shamed at how clean their house was and apparently it was "dirty".  FOR SHAME.

we spent the afternoon and evening over at my inlaws.  we brought our leftovers to accompany the usual saturday dinner of steak and potatoes, knowing we had two more Thanksgiving dinners.

chloe is now fitting Momo's moon boots
perfect timing as the cold weather is finally setting in

January 10 2010

playing hide and seek while kevin worked on the Falcon

sometimes he is so manly

and sometimes he's SUPER manly
seriously, love a dude who is comfortable in his own skin

i'm going to leave you hanging with that!
it's 1am and we've got school bright and early
with a TO-DO list ten miles long



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