mellow monday

i went to give my notice yesterday.  it was painless.  i have a week to mull it over for a final decision, i was offered flexibility.  my heart is so full of gratitude for the kindness and generosity that is shown to me so often.  it has been a good 2 weeks off.  after some relaxation time, i am now trying to get a feel for a new rhythm for my own work.  i am trying to let go, i am trying to step back.  along with attempting a schedule for myself, i am also doing my best to really put time aside for the kids.  i was pleasantly surprised yesterday afternoon to find painting actually created more peace than i had anticipated.  i figured it was going to be messy with a lot of shouting and short-lived!

moses was absolutely engrossed.  i had stashed away a present from Saara and felt it was finally a good time to bring it out.  i could not have chosen a more perfect time.  he was SO into it.  he sat and very carefully and very thoughtfully painted the entire car.

chloe also was very into painting.  it was the most quiet my house has been for a reasonable amount of time!  such a very very pleasant surprise!  this gives me the courage to dive into more arts and crafts with them and spend more quality time together.  yay!

it was a chill day.  kevin was gone throughout the afternoon working on the Falcon.  he picked up Jenice from Ladner exchange.  it is her last 3 weeks of freedom, sans work and sans outside baby.  her belly is itching with the expansion and her body is at the point where there is no such thing as a comfortable position.  she joined us for dinner and a playdate with the kids.  chloe kept bumping bellies with jenice and moses swindled her into playing legos and reading stories to him.  it's an exciting time!

today was a full day with the kids.  kevin didn't get home til after 10pm tonight.  after work, he spent the rest of the evening in Burnaby with Renee, Matt, Florence and her Machine, trying to get the car started, getting insurance, etc...  

woke up late & cozy with the kids.  we're coming down with what seems a very minor cold, probably the back to school cold.  we sat together in bed while i scrolled through Saturday's photoshoot photos on the iPad for them to see.  it is exciting for them to have photos to remind them of what happened in recent time.  they remember.
bananas.  ginger lemon honey tea for our throats.  toast with mango jam.

chloe did a few pees on her own!  we took off her night diaper and had her in momo's Spiderman briefs  .  she actually would tell me "POO!" and i would take her to the washroom, she would pull down, sit down, and pee!  she doesn't seem to understand or care for the difference between pee and poo yet.

moses and chloe have been making "beds" on the floor, essentially arranging 5-6 blankets on the floor with pillows and pretending to sleep and wake up over and over and over.  the three of us laid together and read a few books.  i let go.  i was proud of myself.  i usually will not engage them for such things.
made coconut lime soup for lunch.  i used purple carrots instead of orange which turned the normal rich orange colour into a pukey pink/flesh/purple colour.  it was highly unappetizing visually, but warm, smooth, tangy and delicious with rice, chick peas, and toasted sesames and coconut.
the kids rode their bikes to the neighbourhood park.  chloe didn't want to put on a diaper so i let go and told myself it was fine.  she peed in her pants.  i removed the underwear and hung it on the back of the tricycle.  then she pooed.  so it was time to go home.  thankfully moses wanted to ride the tricycle (with the pee pee undies hanging like a flag on the adult-steering-pole.  i put chloe on the big bike which was easier for me to steer, and we returned home.
NAPTIME.  chloe went down easy.  momo watched a few episodes of Word World and one Looney Tunes before Saara dropped by with a random gift!  an all-French interactive game with a bunch of toy dinosaurs!  so perfect!  he's totally just getting into dinos!

we started off our mailbox yesterday.  we painted a box of granola white and i cut a little door for the letters to slip into.  today i made a stencil, and he chose yellow paint and did a fab job!  i'm hoping tomorrow, i will be able to come up with a template to make a receiving mailbox for the both of them.


chloe has woken up by now and i am in a full panic about what to make for last minute communal dinner chez Michelle.  after frantically pouring over the internet, i called up my cooking coach Cait to confirm that the veggies i've thrown into the oven are going to be ok.  

they turned out beautiful, sweet, and perfect for fall
carrots, red and gold beets, shallots & garlic
salt, pepper, cinnamon, honey

headed over for a much needed relaxing dinner at NOT my place.  michelle made her yummy tofu again along with the best tasting slow cooked ribs i have tasted in a long time.  i shouldn't have, but i caved in and had a small glass of wine.  that did not go well with my under-the-weather body, but whatever...  the kids were fantastic and after watching a little Madagascar, i shuffled home with the kids.  my sister had texted me, wanting to video chat with them to show all the new goodies she found for them.  
shower.  jammies.  teeth.  stories.  went to bed so easy and were asleep by 930pm.

checked my emails, puttered around the internet, chatted with friends for about a half hour before realizing chloe had snuck out onto the couch and fell asleep.  delicious.  i love late night snacks of warm sleeping babies!  my favourite!

cut her nails
kev came home
we laid on the carpet and talked for a half hour
he went to McDick's
i washed the toilets and mirrors
we talked again
chloe came into our room and fell asleep
i came to blog
and hello 130am

just another day


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