Pineda Family Photoshoot

life never ceases to surprise me.  there are incredible people around every corner and i have been lucky enough to be in the area just passing through.  that is how i feel about so many of the new friends i have met out here in Tsawwassen.  these friendships always seem serendipitous.  take christine, here.  after a few days trying to decide whether or not to post Jade's Family Photoshoot on the South Delta Swap & Shop page on facebook, i closed my eyes and POSTED.  christine responded, interested.  it would be a week or so later that i ran into her at Bois Jolie, realizing Moses and her son Jeremy were pre-school classmates!  seriously.  how coincidental.

we met in the cloakroom many a frazzled morning (either she or her husband Mike walking Jeremy up the block) and exchanged messages on facebook before finally setting a date for their family photoshoot!  after our extended summer weather, it was very appropriate for our date to start off with a super nasty rainstorm.  i welcomed them chez moi to do a few photos of their 4 month old daughter, Jordan and see if the weather might change its mind.  to our surprise, it totally cleared up and after our cozy little session indoors, we ventured out to Beach Grove!

jordan must have known we were going to take photos, 
she began playing with her feet the previous day obviously practicing for the shoot!

yes, like chloe, she is also rocking the fair hair!

christine's treasured baby blanket

petit pied

ready for take off!

this is jeremy

no wonder the teachers keep mixing up our sons' names...


snails & secrets

my two fave fave fave fave photos!!!!!!!!!!



snug as a bug with daddy


there are no words to describe Christine, unless you went to highschool with me and you know Joan Pham.  the sweetest most genuine and kind-hearted soul.  WHY DO THEY AFFILIATE THEMSELVES WITH RUBBISH LIKE ME?!!!  it was such pleasure to work with christine, mike, jeremy and jordan, every one of them was so easy going and had so much positive energy!  well, jeremy did have a bribe bag of treats, but i guess he's only 3 years old...  i don't think jordan cried a single tear the whole afternoon, it was sort of miraculous.  

they were so kind as to invite us to their lovely home that same evening to join them and some of their other friends for an Appy Night!  there were as many children as their were adults, but as they provide daycare in their home,  most of the kids were happy to stay in the daycare area and play!

thank you CMJJ!  it was a pleasure and an honour!



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