Pumpkin Patch @ Westham Island

i don't know what's going on and kevin has been equally very skeptical about my recent wave of amorous behaviour.  usually, i am brushing him off and stressed out and freaking out and not having much to do with him until i crawl into bed at 130am and use him to warm my feet with his boiling pair of man feet.  whatever it is, i am happy.  it's good to feel closer to him because truth be told he's SIMPLY THE BEST.  

he is so patient with me.  he is so understanding.  i know he's been working his ass off the last couple of months trying to get his car ready in time for the crappy weather when his mom will want to park her car in the garage where he is currntly doing the work.  yesterday was a write off, so i promised him he could have all day sunday to work on it while i stayed with the kids.

that sort of happened.  i slept in.  he let me sleep in while he made us all breakfast.  of course, during breakfast i told the kids to hurry so we could go to Westham to get pumpkins.  i felt so bad taking more time away from him, but i needed his man power and extra hands to wander into the muddy fields and drive the heavy wheelbarrow, and of course i needed to take photos.   plus, the farm is only open until 5pm during the week so really it was the only day.  i need the whole week to work on the pumpkins!

he didn't even ask.  he knew.  he understood.  he was the one to grab the camera.  all he said was that he needed to be back by noon.  i'm sure he knew the patch wouldn't be the same without him anyway.  i know he wouldn't want to miss out on the kids excitement.

artichoke field


the sky was pretty intense
very Halloween

i love you so much kev
it was such a pleasure to spend time together this weekend.  i am so grateful that these kids have such a great role model who is so kind, considerate, and who always puts others before himself.  
feeling pretty damn happy

after the chilly trip to Westham, the kids and i cozied up with grilled cheese sammies and some apple cider.  threw some apple juice in the pot with a couple fresh squeezed oranges, star anise, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  sooo perf.

new tops from their auntie MC for Halloween

these kids are so frigging lucky


  1. luv luv luv. look at you. soo creative with your apple cider. looks yum. i can't wait to get a pumpkin and roast the seeds. mmmmmm...


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