Thanksgiving Wrap Up

kids made turkey handstamps
with googly eyes and crazy coloured feathers

English Bluff with Mary & Bill
(kev's paternal grandparents)

extra efforts were pulled from all family members to make this dinner happen.  Bill had taken a bad fall just a few days before with stitches, staples, and a broken elbow.  nobody was sure whether or not he would be making it...

artwork by Grace!

kevin found this ruffle flapper-style dress at the thrift shop
he later hand washed it and hung it to dry in the shower
what a sucker for his daughter!
love him

table lovingly decked out

not-so BABY TOM with his grandad


it was a great surprise for each guest as they arrived

it terrifies me how fast these kids are growing


Taryn had mentioned in her Thanksgiving post how amazing it was to be able to watch the age gap between kids shrink as they get older.  chloe loves playing with Hanna and now here she is playing with Grace who is twice her age!

English Bluff Perks

dinner is served!

placecards all set!

thank you kevin for including me

Pear & Cranberry Crumble
Pumpkin Pie
(omg this pumpkin pie was so good!  can't say i've ever tried one homemade!)
Spiced Pumpkin Mousse with Raspberries

it was a great feast.  toasts and tears were had.  the company was warm.  other than the occasional upset from Baby Tom, the kids were fantastic.  well behaved and surprisingly ZERO incident during dinner! so thankful to be part of such a loving and welcoming family!

the finale: dinner chez moi

this last night of Thanksgiving weekend was for my family.  initially, i invited my mom, brother and my cousin Lauren, but had a change of heart that morning and invited my grandparents: my Gong Gong and Auntie Ping on my dad's side and my Lola from my mom's side.  it was a lot more stress, a lot more money being shelled out, and a lot more sweating in the kitchen, but it was worth it to see them so happy playing with their Great Grandkids.

tried out some zucchini chips
via tablefortwo


pretty leeks for the
via Martha's

i found this vintage Danish cheese board (with plastic dome cover) with little mouse
at the Ladner Thrift shop for $4.  the kids thought it was hilarious.

Green Salad with nuts, cheese, dried cranberries
Jamie Oliver's Stewed Lasagna Beef
Truffled Mashed Potatoes
Turkey Breasts: Herb or Bacon Wrapped

Roasted Carrot & Turnip

Sourdough Apple & Chorizo Stuffing
(a kevin creation)


really, with all the dinner, we had no time to make desserts and we had an abundance of leftovers from the previous night that we dare not let go to waste

Leftover Pumpkin Pie  & Trifle from Bill & Mary's
Half the tray of Pear & Cranberry Crumble
My mom brought a mini batch of her Filipino dessert: Biko

and Lauren aka Home Ec Master brought an Apple Galette complete with cheese crust
i am so sorry that none of you were able to try this.  i ended up eating the leftovers it all by myself.

Death by Dessert


Moses and my Lola having a laugh

my Gong Gong and Auntie Ping watch the kids bounce of the walls

alright.  so there you have it.  i am now 600lbs.


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