the sweet taste of freedom

before i get into this post of yummy photos, i want to say a big thank you to Saara who rescued my sanity not once but TWICE this week.  tuesday morning, she showed up with breakfast from White Spot for all of us!

i've been pretty worn out taking on a bunch of projects and it was really just the best feeling have someone take care of me/us first thing in the morning.  to not worry about making food and having to clean it up and enjoy having great company was the best way to start off the day!  again, on friday, having left the house to pile up during the week, i was feelings super overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning.  i made about 10 calls and saara, again, made it over to keep me company.  her ass was busted tired and she was happy to just sit and relax while leila was at pre-school.  it is amazing how just having someone to chatter away with makes chores all the easier to plough through!  thank you saara :)

the rest of friday afternoon flew and after a quick dinner, we headed into richmond for a quick costco trip and to get the boys' haircuts at Jade's.  Jade is due in 3 weeks!  compared to my pregnant silhouette, she still looks 5-6 months, still moving around with a grace and speed that has me dumbfounded.  pretty sure 3 weeks before i was due, i was huffing and puffing, slowly shuffling around the house.  always such a pleasure hanging out with Jade.  i have so much fun with girls that talk a million miles a minute in layers of multiple conversations.  SO EXCITED FOR ALL THESE NEW BABIES!!!!!!!  

i keep telling everyone i'll have another when we have the money, but it's been nice to live vicariously through all my girlfriends popping out boneheaded aliens in the meantime.  hee hee.

dropped the kids off at my mom's after haircuts.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM THAT THEY ARE BOTH SO HAPPY TO SLEEP OVER!!!!!!  we get to by-pass the painful hour-long  bedtime routine.  we don't have to deal with anyone walking in and out asking for water and other random things to postpone sleeping.  we don't have to be quiet so as not to wake or disturb them.  we can SLEEP for multiple hours uninterrupted without being kicked in the head/face/back.  SO!  the next morning, we woke up "early" to make a quick trip across the border.  breakfast was so peaceful.  kev made some scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms and cheese and toast AND WE DIDN'T HAVE TO COAX ANYONE TO FINISH THEIR FOOD OR CLEAN THEM UP AND ASK 10 TIMES TO GET CHANGED AND ASK THEM 10 TIMES TO STOP OPENING THE DOOR.

we hit up Bellis Fair.  found a couple of cheap serving dishes for the Halloween Party at Target and even though we had no children, we spent a good 15-20 minutes losing our shit over the Harajuku line

did a quick browse in Macy's and fell in love with a Little Mermaid top.  if you are anyone other than Chris P (who has yet to stop making fun of me for my "Little Mermaid Club" established in 1992), you might not know that The Little Mermaid was my favourite Disney movie.  being that i am very particular about illustration styles, this one totally spoke to me and the sparkles put me over the top.  

i was literally standing in front of this rack with all the sizes clutched in my arms, trying to decide which one(s) to get for chloe, trying to figure out what age she would love it the most.  and just so you know, i haven't pushed her into it, she has taken a liking to Ariel on her own thank you very much.  kevin, such a loving husband and father, agreed to buy TWO sizes LOL.  it helped that he had a mini-bone for Ariel when he was young.  i mean, who didn't, really??? 

I LOVE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL.  mind you i love dressing moses, but i love dressing him the same way i love having some influence on kevin's attire.  having a girl is so fun because you get to run through the store grabbing everything you love and giggling over how much you love the 10 pairs of shoes with bows and sparkles!   

drove to Trader Joe's and bought a buttload of groceries for so friggin cheap.  i don't understand how so many (organic) items are half the price of what we have to pay this side of the border!  my sister brought up how we don't have to pay 20 grand to have a baby, so i don't feel so bad.  and at least we are close enough to reap the benefits!

our visit was longer than expected.  we picked up our Westham veggies and dropped by to view this sweet ride in Ladner.  

1964 Ford Econoline
have been thinking again about vehicles and what we are going to do with our 2008 Jetta.  also, trying to figure out the whole business side of things, this would be a perfect vehicle in terms of creating my brand as it speaks to the huge influence that this specific vintage has had on my lifestyle.  as a plus, kevin has parts from the last 3 Falcons he's owned that are interchangeable with this van.  we are still contemplating how we are going to do this.  we'll see.

yes, the taste of freedom is sweet.  the ease of flying in and out of cars and from place to place is a huge breath of fresh air.  not having to buckle and unbuckle two kids with every stop is a mini lottery.  it's a treat not having to pull their dawdling little legs behind you and constantly nag them to HURRY as is  the ability to SHOP uninterrupted by whining or chasing or yelling at them to STOP TOUCHING.  the freedom to think only of yourself is a total luxury.  i don't need to eat when the kids are not around.  my meals are not scheduled because my meals can wait.  they're meals can not.  well they can, but then they tummies hurt and they whine and cry for food and you are stuck listening to these whines and cries as you madly rush to find/make food to shut them up.  so yes their meals can wait, but then everyone suffers...

by the time we arrived home to unpack all our groceries, it was almost time to pick up the kids.  we took the liberty of eating our leftovers on the couch and loafing for a solid 10 minutes before hitting the road again for our SEVENTH peaceful car ride of the day.  so good to just talk with kevin without any interruptions, annoying sounds, or having to stop 3-5 fights.  mmmm freedom!

however, after so many hours, it's always just as rewarding to finally see their faces.  for some reason, they always look different.  perhaps it is the hours that allow room to develop perspective.  they always seem a little older or a little younger than i remember, physically bigger but somehow still so much my little babies.  chloe had a late nap.  my brother and i hung out in my old room talking and laughing while she snoozed away.  tired with so much to do, kevin kindly dropped me off at home and took the kids over to his parents for Saturday night dinner.  aaaaaaahh, MORE freedom!

double post!  Pumpkins at Westham Island today!


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