tiny lives

well.  glad that's over.
that's all i'm going to say about that for today as i STILL have heaps to clean up after this.

just a few friendly photos from the past week/two to get me back into bloggy mindset.

i've been trying tear myself away from chores and spend more time with the kids
one afternoon while chloe napped, moses and i built lego towers for all the pink squares on our rug.  i enjoyed the camaraderie between our building styles, i would compliment him on a building of his that i really liked and i was pleasantly surprised when he seemed genuinely approving of one of my designs.  the next step was to have his crane drive through the town and knock down all the buildings!

there's been a lot more painting and drawing with the both of them.  i finally did my first "colour mixing" with moses.  he picked it up no problem (big surprise) and asked me to make him more templates for mixing.

chloe, especially has been really into it and i could not be more excited!  sometimes while i am working on the computer, she will cozy up next to me and ask to draw.  i'll give her some loose leaf and a drawing implement, turn on some piano music on youtube, and she'll happily sit and draw for an extensive amount of time.  i have a bunch of her drawings that i keep meaning to post in comparison to moses'.  she is very mindful, her motions are slower and more thoughtful.  she is very into colouring the corners of the page.  

both kids really enjoy making food for one another and for me.  i never tire of their many concoctions.  i can't even speak about the leaps and bounds chloe has been making.  her ability to have a (tiny) conversation is blowing my mind.  i think i have already mentioned she is already asking "why?" in her tiny chloe voice.  in the last two weeks, she has discovered the joy of legos.  everyday she shows me new creations "look mama!" she'll say as she beams proudly with her 6 piece design.  then she quickly asks "more...?" and before i can reply, she's already racing off to improve her design.  

i drew some firetrucks for moses.  he initially was going to copy my trucks, but decided to draw a bunch of "dolaphins" instead.  i like the tiny line that is supposed to be a tail.

chloe's infinite line drawings

moses continues to draw dolphins.  
the little happy rectangle dude there is supposed to be Ethan!

i've been friends with Kyme since grade 9, 1998?
i don't remember this, but apparently we became friends in Religion class, talking about Satan's coolness.  she's been living over in England for a number of years now and just had her first baby, Bram who is now 7 months.  she is over here for a few months and we FINALLY get to meet him!!!

he reminds me a lot of moses

the kids adored him

chloe has started sleeping in the top bunk with her big brother

i am so happy they can get along well enough that this is a possibility.  yes, for the 45 minutes it takes them to fall asleep there are definitely instances of screams and fighting, but for the most part moses just  "reads" books to her and they eventually doze off.  they of course both make their way to mom and dad's room later on...

sigh.  what will this week bring.


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