C'est L'Halloween

let's start off with halloween crafts from preschool/Franc Depart

such a great idea!

Moses helped me make the glitter branches and made the paperbag owl at preschool

cray cray cray.
so glad that halloween is over and that it ended on a good note.  WORTH THE STRESS!

as i continue to "mature" my ability to plan and organize ahead of time does not.  as always, everything gets done last minute and we are running late late late and the house looks like i took a lot of drugs and went ballistic ransacking my own home.  seriously.

the house had not even fully recovered from the party before we started all over again for Halloween.  monday we took it super easy.  we stayed home all day.  i had a massive breakdown in the evening and left for shelter at Saara's for an hour where i ate my dinner of pomegranate seeds and yummy spiced tea.

tuesday i went crazy again trying to clean the house.  Bronwen was coming for a lunchtime visit and Aaron who was coming to pick up one of our dressers that i still had to unload when he arrived.

thank god for my awesome support circle.

so began the creating of moses' triceratops mask.

i made the first attempt and failed.  it looked like a giant parrot head.
kevin thought it looked like a huge water drop, so he ignored it and went on with his life to create a proper triceratops head.  DON'T ASK ME!  I'M JUST A GIRL!

after bronwen left i spent the duration of Alice in Wonderland adding hot glue gun dots for texture

and primed it.  ready for paint!

everyone enjoyed it except moany mo LOL
he actually had a HUGE crying fit, one that could only rival the ones i had as a teenager
screaming and crying in my room for at least 45 minutes
he did NOT want to wear it.  in fact he didn't want to wear ANY costume
more on this wonderful phase in another post!

Soldat de Clone

together, the preschol class and those who were attending Franc Depart today joined up for a mini parade through the school including a couple classrooms in session with older students!

Darcy and Momo

oh haaaiii mom!

check out the twin lions

Jeremy the Racer

a few of the kids in Franc Depart


i rushed home partway to grab my button maker supplies to make more of the Trick or Treat buttons designed for the party thank yous from the weekend.  i didn't have time the night before and definitely this morning trying to get us out of the house!  the kids all received a goodie bag at the end of class with their projects of the day, a few treat and a button!

survived the morning

we rushed home to stuff our face with lunch before heading out to Richmond to drop off a couple of Halloween crafts for my mom since we wouldn't be seeing her.  we rushed back, making it home just in time for an "early" 130pm  nap so we could wake up again in time for the Halloween festivities at the Town Centre Mall from 330-6.  during this nap time, moses watched Robin Hood and i crafted/sewed a huge bow with ribbons to one of chloe's tops to give her cat costume a little oomph...  


the house.  the poor house.  no surface untouched by papers, crafts, dishes, clothes, toys, etc...  not to mention 5 giant refrigerator boxes and the ironing board.  SIGH.  rushed rushed rushed out into the rain, found a parking spot and hurried the kids into the mall.  

well.  we arrived around 4:30pm only to find the mall surprisingly less populated than usual for Halloween.  This, of course, was because it was only until 5pm NOT 6pm.  so most tables were just waiting to shut down.  FAIL.

at least we found some friends


and some cotton candy

Butternut Squash, Apple, Leek soup with Bacon & Sage
Fried Halloumi Cheese and Toasted Baguette
we arrived back home.  i was exhausted and disappointed.  all this effort and an unsurmountable mess for what?!  and it was still rain rain raining.  would we even be able to go trick-or-treating out in the neighbourhood????   i did some minor tidying before dragging my ass into the kitchen to make dinner.  it was a very pleasant and cozy dinner, a joint effort between kev and i.

it was around 7:30 by the time we finished dinner and were ready to head out.
what a super fantastic surprise :)

the kids had such a great time!
we hit both sides of the Pillars town homes
and a couple of houses in Beach Grove

this video is awesome because it ends with chloe asking me a series of WHY???

moses immediately requested we go home upon seeing this house 
surrounded by some pretty frightening characters

the house across had AWESOME pumpkins!
check out this kitty kitty kitty!

happy halloween


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