Coco & Hady

a few photos from the Chisolm family shoot!

i've got two more holiday sessions booked for next tuesday and i really need to be getting my stuff done for GotCraft on Saturday Dec 9... it's coming up faster and faster  DUN DUN DUN!  helping neighbour cait with a photobooth for her work Christmas party on Monday the 17... two parties on sat the 15 and attempting to host a birthday party for chloe on sunda y the 16.  dear god.  and then whistler and christmas and ..... RELAX!

sweet hady

look at his handsome and perfect little face!

these two kids are gorgeous

we had to play around outside for a while.  the sun was out and there were some overcasting clouds, but they came and went, intermittently blinding everyone.  we moved off to the side.

it has certainly been a huge task and learning curve to work with families with more than one child.  to coordinate two adults with two young children and at very different stages takes a lot of patience, time, and BRIBES!  it has been a riot to hear what different families use as bribes for their kids, everything from McDonald's or ice cream to letters to Santa and trips to the park.  we just had our photo taken by lindsay last night (currently editing the goods...) and it definitely was not any easier trying to get everyone looking at the camera, everyone smiling, and nobody with blinking eyes or drunk mouths!


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