Get your shop on at PABOOM POP-UP!

it's been a great weekend.  the weather has been drop dead gorgeous.  i love Vancouver.  i know that even if i traveled the world, i would still end up back here with the mountains, the water, and the trees.  i love that we get to enjoy all four seasons even if that means a lot of rain.

i got dolled up and we rolled down to 4th avenue to check out the new Paboom Pop-Up shop!
we had to bribe moany mo to join us with his dino costume

Tanis and Mike did a phenomenal job getting the store up and stocked with the raddest gifts for this Holiday season, now including items from The Pauhaus!   

as you browse around the shop, take note of all the wood products, home decor and displays, handmade by Mike himself, including these miniature incense cabins that found its way into my bag!
see more of his fab work at

love this cozy nook they created!

framed prints to up the art content in your home
simple stylish backpacks to complement your every outfit

tea towels with gorgeous prints to boost your mood in the kitchen

badass geometric accessories designed, soldered and hand polished in VANCITY

vintage blocks to get your imagination going
(of course moany mo ended up having a great time showing off his building skills to Tanis)
and these awesome Anchor teapots and cups that someone had better get me for Christmas...

a few select stamp sets PERFECT for making your own holiday wrapping paper 
(dove with lee or pine branch and cone)
any of their adorable pendants gilded in 22K on a 18K gold dipped chain
(beehive is my favourite!)

gifts for the stylish man...

or your highschool nephew!

the megababe of megababes

guess what i took home :)

yes, happiness can definitely be bought


with a little bit of time on our hands, he picked up a couple of oven gloves at MOTIV and had a yummy lunch outside in the sunny Choices/Whole Foods courtyard.   this brought back memories of when i used to head down to 4th for prenatal yoga and have my usual lunch of 2 mini meals for $6 curry chicken and broccoli salad.  the kids were so well behaved, the sun was so warm, and it felt so great to dress up!


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