Halloween Party Pics!

photography by
Syx & Taryn 
are in the process of launching their new site together
in the meantime please visit their personal blogs at


painted welcome sign
(reverse has a painting kevin did in grade 12)

thank you Pinterest

Henry dressed up for the occasion
and kept watch over the Thank You gifts

with candy and stickers

Trick-or-Treat Buttons


bonjour Olivia

studly McQueen loves his crafts!

via Martha

the ghoulish feast!

Graveyard Dip
chocomole with gluten free crackers
Eye Rolling Delights
boconccini & olives
Bat Wing Crisps
baked apple peel twigs
Fried Bugs & Maggots
edamame & black sesame in rice

Squirmy Wormy Meatballs!
thinly sliced hotdogs in ground beef

The In Cider Ghosts
shrunken apple heads in cider
kevin carved a dozen individually fucking awesome faces including
a mummy, witch, devil, frankenstein, monsters, and skulls
these were his favourites

other menu items
Freaky Frites
carrot fries with spiced mayo
Flat Dead Pizza
flat bread with butternut squash, goat cheese, red onions & garlic
Monster Snot (Smoothie)
bananas, strawberries, spinach, yogurt & agave
Blood Punch
pomegranate juice

Creepy Crawly Cupcakes
gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse
Pig Hearts Galette & Poison Apple Pie
apple galette & apple pie
(courtesy of my cousin lauren)

moany mo
i mean lovely hanna

Ty's arms are almost as big as his daddy's thighs

we had fairies


3 eyed pirates

 a pyjama boy & Mickey Mouse!

Jer Bear

this girl moves faster than cat woman's whip

is there a princess around to awaken this handsome prince with true love's kiss???

onto the

yes, i totally failed to get my kids in costumes
 but this guy was unphased and insisted upon this outfit

greetings from the grave, fair ladies!


omg.  this girl is killing me.

seriously, like a bat outta hell



sweet sugar pumpkin charlie

the winking burger & his baby duck sister

spreading some magic



huge huge thank yous to everyone who came.  a thousand apologies to those i was unable to extend an invitation to.  i wish i could have invited everyone and it was a tough decision having to cut so many people that i would have loved to have join us.  

thank you first and foremost to my dear husband kevin for the hours of work he put into making this day happen.  he built the coffin from cardboard and 1x2's and spent late hours spray painting down in the parkade.  at least in the late hours nobody was around to see him spray painting a toddler sized coffin!!!  for helping me grab pumpkins when he had no time, for helping to prep the food the night before and cooking EVERYTHING the morning of.  for scooping an entire container of boconccini and fitting the olives in, for testing and baking all the worm meatballs... actually for sitting down with me and helping create much of the menu.  for slaving and sweating in the kitchen for hours in shorts and a tank top the morning of.  for carving those insanely amazing apples, they were a hit!!!   

thank you to my cousin lauren for contributing the mouthwatering desserts and to cait for helping make the flatbread and providing an extra oven in which to bake them!

thank you to Taryn & Syx for arriving early to help out, for taking all the fantastic photos for the photobooth and all the details.  i was so exhausted and overwhelmed, it was so great to have someone else take over camera duties while i soothed myself through panic attacks.  you guys did such an awesome job with these photos, i couldn't be happier!  thank you thank you thank you!

thank you to KLF & Milos who came over last minute on Friday night to make us a frigging delicious Thai Curry dinner and help get a bunch of the crafts done.   thank you for implementing your speed, efficiency and organizational skills.  truly, so much would not have happened if it were not for your generous help and good company.  can not wait to have a FUN night with you guys!

thank you KLF for carving these dope pumpkins!  

(and kindly helping to pay for some of the groceries!)

thank you to Michelle & Jason for being so patient with my crazy indecisive nature, embarrassing last minute requests, and for helping out on the day by bringing down toys to keep the kids busy and providing any random necessities at a moment's notice. 

thank you to Matt & Renee for lending us Henry, the skulls and the tarantula! 

and a big thanks to Jen (if you are actually reading this) and her sister for coming to help and keep me company late the night before while i was setting up!  

clearly, i could not have done this on my own.  why do i ever and alway think i can handle it?  oh yeah, because i'm a crazy control freak of nature!

until next halloween...

so please.  to anyone in want or in need of some creative assistance for their birthday, shower, dinner party or event, i have a whole lot of ideas and a backup crew to help bring your vision into fruition!  

gooooood night!


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