HOLIDAY MAGIC by Lindsay's Diet

so if your lazy ass was hanging out on Facebook on tuesday, you may (or may not....) have noticed that i was losing my shit a little over getting OUR family holiday photos done!  yeah, i guess as a photographer it would look a little shady to not have our own sweet photo session to bring in the holiday cheer.

the notorious party/bar/celeb photographer lindsay from lindsaysdiet offered to do our photos a second year in a row (see last year's shoot HERE and the winner HERE....) in the comfort of her condo amenities room!  to be honest, part of my craziness was set off by trying to cram other important (and last minute) tasks into my schedule.  my list of "TO DO" was as follows:

1.  pack last minute props, backgrond stand and muslin
2. cut or get kevin to cut up more confetti
3. possibly drive out to Metrotown for NOON to have a friend do my make up with this new gold sparkle stuff AS SEEN ON PINTEREST
4. possibly drive out to Metrotown to pick up leopard tights because downtown might be too busy
5.  possibly drive out to downtown to pick up leopard tights since i also had to
6. pick up my bulk t-shirt order at Main & Boradway (for GotCraft) and
7. bring it over to BLIM (Chinatown) to get screenprinted since i will definitely not have time, energy or space to screenprint and dry and iron 70 t-shirts
8.  get my hair done by Jade at 2pm and just force chloe to not take her 2pm nap
9.  either stay in Vancouver and eat dinner before heading to lindsays for the shoot at 7pm OR
driving back home, having dinner and driving back into Vancouver with kevin

and if i went to Vancouver, should i have packed everything in case i wasn't going to come home later or say fuck it, come home and drive out to Vancouver twice with the kids?

i was so frantic and exhausted even after waking up at 930am, the kids didn't eat "breakfast" til 1130am.  i called both H&M's, only downtown had the leopard pants.  Makeup friend had to cancel.  and Blim said they didn't need the shirt until saturday.  WHOO!  relief.

so we jumped in the car and drove downtown to get the leopard pants because i'm crazy and all i wanted to wear for the shoot were the damn leopard pants that i forced taryn to buy a few weeks ago.  the kids were SO WELL BEHAVED.  we got the pants tried them on and went into the kids' section and found them cute little outfits for the shoot.  i was going to have them half naked in tutu's otherwise...

Jade texted me that she couldn't do my hair but set up an appointment for me at her salon. 2:30 appt.  chloe's nap would just have to wait.  i kept dozing off in my chair until chloe yelled at me to open my eyes.

we drove home.  chloe napped.  and i tried to get all my shit together.  we did not eat.  kevin got home. we ate toast and jam.  we packed up the car and we drove to lindsay's.

and here you go!  with any luck i will have a postcard done up for myself by tonight to send out for printing...
my handsome hubbie buttcake

a few test shots with daddy's girl
check out her new MEOW MEOW shoes!!!!


chloe in my Loubouts

who are these children?





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