Leila's 4th Birthday!

another busy busy day!  another one of Momo's classmates booked a holiday session for this morning since they were unable to make it last weekend. (whoa, that was just last weekend???)  and then it was Leila's birthday right after!  i'm going to keep the posts separate.

i love my family.  my little family.  kevin let me sleep in a little while he began making us breakfast.  i love eggs.  i love toast.  did i want salsa verde or ketchup?  this is a shitty photo, but chloe is actually moving her plate closer to the edge of the table for me to take a picture!!!!

it was a perfect little My Little Pony themed party held at Petra's coffee shop in Tsawwassen.  Petra's offers ceramics whether you are just dropping in or in this case, hosting a party!

the birthday girl!

a spotted dog

chloe's kitty!

Justine and Natalie

love these two photos


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