Luchador Nacho Moses Mouse

i did not anticipate how much work this was going to be after the fact.
once again, i have ripped myself off and i am now working for free.
it's ok.
learning curve.
i got some great images and had my first studio lighting experience.
and out of nowhere i have 13 families to add to my growing portfolio.

it is all good.

you are going to love this post.  despite being a total Hulkamaniac of a mother to the kids this week, i did end up having this really great  impromptu photoshoot with my darling little boy.  he asked me to take photos of him in his wrestling outfit.  so we did...

he requested i take a picture of his toosh
VERY recreational indeed
kevin's mickey mouse hat

i kid you not, i did not ask him to pose.  he makes my job so easy, he's the perfect model.

i know my sister is so happy right now

love you all

good night


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