Lutins du Bois Fundraiser THIS WEEKEND!

Hello everyone!

The Fundraiser is coming up fast, which of course means I'm working myself ragged. Anyone who has spoken with me the last couple of days knows what I'm talking about with my deep old man smoker's voice!

The Fundraiser has had a slow take off which is very disappointing for TWO reasons and to be quite honest, I'm having trouble deciding which is worse:

A) Not raising a substantial amount of money for Lutins du Bois Preschool...
B) The regret you are going to feel once I have a few of the first shots posted, having decided you didn't think $80 was worth it...

So for anyone who hasn't heard about this Fundraiser, here are the DEETS!
There is still time to book your session!

Mirka Pennors is the Franc Départ coordinator as well as active board member for Lutins du Bois preschool.  she is managing the bookings and forwarded me a message from one of the parents the other night, inquiring the style of postcards.  so for anyone else who is curious as to what the final product design will look like... VOILA!

Keeping things clean and simple with some playful holiday fonts!  Fall in love with one or all, but you can only choose one to go with your favourite photo!  Yes, i know!  Every lucky recipient is going to love you and hate you for having the best card on their mantle and you can gloat to yourself from the comfort of your own home as you gaze lovingly at your 8x10 print.  HA!

When you arrive at your session, you will fill out a form with your basic information as well as your preferred Holiday Greeting (the ones above are just examples) that best relates to your family, whether it be inspired by your religion, a simple PEACE LOVE & JOY, or FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA... the choice is yours!

ALRIGHT.  with that out of the way...  time to work on more ideas and props!


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